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Wovenwar begins recording new album

Monday, April 4, 2016 11:11 AM PT

Wovenwar, the Southern California rock/metal band formed from the ashes of As I Lay Dying in 2013, entered the studio this past weekend to begin recording their sophomore album and follow-up to their 2014 self-titled debut. Drum tracking is currently taking place with engineers and producers Daniel Castleman (Winds of Plague, Impending Doom) and Joseph McQueen (As I Lay Dying, Across Five Aprils) at Rarefied Recording in San Diego, California.

A fall release via Metal Blade Records is expected.


4/4/2016 11:26:46 AM
tim lambesis is stoked...

4/4/2016 12:27:30 PM
OH SHIT well if the guy recorded across five aprils i'm sold lol

but seriously, good band and that last album was the shit, if a little long-winded.

4/4/2016 2:40:26 PM

poster who said this band is good is a total moron with awful tastes. probably the singer's mom.

4/4/2016 4:07:09 PM
^^ Tim Lambesis's gay prison lover

4/4/2016 7:25:09 PM
^^ don't talk shit about my old band jerk

4/5/2016 6:06:52 AM
^^ quit slapping dicks you bickering beaners.

4/5/2016 9:13:51 AM
Beaners gang bang my poop shooter daily

- Tim "ATM" Lambesis

4/5/2016 9:54:32 AM
Joseph McWeen

4/5/2016 2:14:53 PM
"anonymous8 hours ago
^^ quit slapping dicks you bickering beaners."

This coming from the guy that has his dick slapped daily by him mom.....

4/5/2016 4:52:45 PM
people are defending this shit stain of a band?

4/5/2016 6:57:41 PM
^^ they're better than whatever garbage you listen to. So many riffs motherfcker

4/5/2016 9:44:50 PM
Thanks for the all night fck shack

-Dirty Mike & the boyz

4/6/2016 6:21:03 AM
"they're better than whatever garbage you listen to. So many riffs motherfcker"

hahah yeah overproduced sterile christian metal for dweebs with butt rock vocals and 9 million vocal overdubs is better than anything i like. sure.

4/6/2016 9:46:57 AM
people stoked on lame jesus lite metal are stoked