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Born Of Osiris, After The Burial, UABB, Erra tour

Friday, April 1, 2016 10:15 AM PT

Born Of Osiris, After The Burial, Upon A Burning Body, ERRA, and Bad Omens will be touring together this spring as Sumerian Records continues to celebrate its tenth anniversary. Here are the dates:

5/11 Odessa, TX @ Club Patron
5/12 Corpus Christi, TX @ House of Rock
5/14 Birmingham, AL @ Zydeco
5/15 Orlando, FL @ The Beacham Theatre
5/16 Fort Lauderdale, FL @ Culture Room
5/18 Jacksonville, FL @ 1904 Music Hall
5/19 Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
5/20 Charlotte, NC @ Amos' Southend
5/21 Richmond, VA @ The Canal Club
5/22 Schaghticoke, NY @ Rock 'N Derby (Born Of Osiris only)
5/24 Buffalo, NY @ Waiting Room
5/25 Amityville, NY @ Revolution Bar & Music Hall
5/26 Hartford, CT @ The Webster Theater
5/27 Freehold, NJ @ GameChangerWorld
5/28 Reading, PA @ Reverb
5/29 Columbus, OH @ Park Street Saloon


4/1/2016 10:29:49 AM
Hella Gay.

4/1/2016 10:36:00 AM
Keep these gaywaaahdz out of california.

4/1/2016 11:01:15 AM
Rob Van Dam

4/1/2016 11:37:51 AM
so its pretty much one long song for 5 sets...

4/1/2016 11:41:29 AM
How many times is this tour going to happen? Boo and ATB with Upon a Burning Body? Jesus christ

4/1/2016 11:44:56 AM
Sankus there.

4/1/2016 1:18:17 PM
This shit is fcking ridiculous. Do these shitty bands only tour together because they're the only people who can stand to listen to this crap?

4/1/2016 1:25:16 PM
Sankus here. Ask me a question while i'm mixing sound... broken jaw. Set your drink on my equipment... run you over with the tour bus. mention Justin Lowe... well that one's obvious.

Brian Sankus

4/1/2016 5:18:31 PM
Bands trying to shred each other's egos off are stoked.

4/1/2016 9:03:44 PM
This tour is low class- Frankie Palmeri

4/1/2016 10:21:50 PM
I wonder if Sankus and the members of Drowning got into a fight what would happen? Soup kitchen..Ds in some As

4/1/2016 11:15:16 PM
This tour line up sucked in 2006.

4/2/2016 7:46:23 AM
This is probably the 10th time these bands have toured together.

4/3/2016 9:41:00 AM
Glad I got Veil of Maya instead of Upon A Burning Butthole

4/3/2016 11:54:07 PM
ERRA is fcking terrible live, their steroids-freak vocalist sucks and the rest of the band had almost no stage presence

4/4/2016 7:50:58 AM
erie pa