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Hardcore supergroup (Terror, Judge, etc.) debut new song

Wednesday, December 16, 2015 1:15 PM PT

World Be Free featuring members of Terror, Judge, Gorilla Biscuits

Nascent hardcore 'supergroup' World Be Free will release their debut album, The Anti-Circle, via Revelation Records on February 5. Today, the band has launched a new single titled "Breakout Or Busted" through Punknews and announced new tour dates.

The band features Scott Vogel (Terror) on vocals, Andrew Kline (Strife) on guitar, Joe Garlipp (Envy, Despair) on guitar, Arthur Smilios (Gorilla Biscuits) on bass, and Sammy Siegler (Judge, Youth Of Today) on drums.

The group will play a handful of U.S. tour dates in February. Here are the details:

2/13 San Diego, CA @ Che Cafe w/ Give
2/14 Pomona, CA @ PBW w/ Give
2/15 Los Angeles, CA @ TBA w/ Give
2/16 Fullerton, CA @ Programme Skate Shop w/ Give
2/18 Buffalo, NY @ Waiting Room w/ Judge
2/19 Philadelphia, PA @ Voltage Lounge w/ Judge
2/20 Boston, MA @ Middle East w/ Judge
2/21 Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus


12/16/2015 1:31:26 PM
This band is so good. They also have the bass player from the Gorilla Biscuits

12/16/2015 1:40:25 PM
The lives in grandmas basement all-star band

12/16/2015 1:54:20 PM
Play Rainfest plz

12/16/2015 2:00:16 PM
Would be more stoked if Vogel wasn't apart of it.

12/16/2015 3:15:45 PM
sammys wife is sooooo fcking hotttttt

12/16/2015 3:25:30 PM
Generic, unoriginal borecore.

12/16/2015 3:54:53 PM
so the porkchop burns and pozload bugchasing look is hardcore, i guess

12/16/2015 3:55:46 PM

12/16/2015 4:15:48 PM
Total Borecore

12/16/2015 4:21:24 PM
Support this band, they need help getting clothes that actually fit

12/16/2015 4:40:02 PM
Stole a black mans name

12/16/2015 4:41:35 PM
This was fun 25 years ago, it really was. But it's over and take metalcore with you.

12/16/2015 4:44:13 PM
Sweet, a new With Honor song lol.

But nah this is cool.

12/16/2015 5:17:09 PM
How on Earth can a buncha dudes in their 40s come up w this shit and be like, "Yeah, that's pretty good!"?

12/16/2015 6:08:31 PM
Sammy doesn't put Limp Bizkit on his resume?

12/16/2015 6:19:53 PM
"Dudes in their 40's.." A few of them are pushing 50! Garbage, but so is hardcore for the past 20 years haha losers

12/16/2015 8:06:11 PM
Youth crew shit by old men...haha, that's a good one

12/16/2015 8:29:00 PM
This is fcking terrible.

12/16/2015 9:32:38 PM
this is amazingly awful. haha at the cassette tapes and trying to look legit. put your arms down jerk and hang it up gays. you had your chance.

12/16/2015 10:20:12 PM
"Sammy doesn't put Limp Bizkit on his resume?"
Does your Mom still list "World's number one Juggalette" on hers?

12/16/2015 10:47:18 PM
"Sammy doesn't put Limp Bizkit on his resume?"
Does your Mom still list "World's number one Juggalette" on hers?


Gets jokes.
Has sense of humor.
Is asset to his nation.

12/17/2015 2:53:47 AM
this is fckin horrible. another display of vogels kindergarden rhyming

12/17/2015 4:01:17 AM
"sammys wife is sooooo fcking hotttttt" post an image link bro!!! Don't hold out on us like this.

12/17/2015 6:06:25 AM
the tour dates should be rest homes for the elderly.

12/17/2015 6:20:16 AM
Terror 2.0

12/17/2015 7:28:47 AM

12/17/2015 7:39:19 AM
Am I seeing that right? Is Scott Vogel wearing running shoes?

12/17/2015 9:00:19 AM
The anti circle huh ? Squares is a little more fitting

12/17/2015 9:01:48 AM
I totally DOUG those bands back in the day, they had some totally sweet BEETS.

12/17/2015 12:30:37 PM
I wish this band was started prior to the last 2 Terror albums as an outlet for the lofi punky sound. I rather members do a new band rather than radically change the band that was good in the first place. The last 2 Terror albums on Victory have been horrible. Totally hoped the 25th Hour would have been a comeback after that pile of Live By The Code. Nope, it sucks even worse.

12/17/2015 8:00:24 PM
so...this IS hardcore...2015?

12/18/2015 12:28:53 AM
vocalist is one of the nicest and most genuine dudes i have ever met. i shared a much needed clove with him afterwards.

12/18/2015 4:32:44 AM

12/18/2015 8:13:43 AM
This mouth breather talked all kinds of shit about Refused being "sell outs" and not "true to the core" and all this shit, and then does a band with these dudes?

12/18/2015 10:45:54 AM
Music good, but vocals suck!

12/18/2015 8:22:08 PM
Middle aged guys that still have room mates are stoked. Guys with hourly pay checks are stoked.

12/18/2015 11:44:17 PM
I'd really like to know how long it took to compose this song.

12/20/2015 11:10:02 PM
this is what a steamy pile of shit would sound like if it could speak

12/20/2015 11:10:26 PM
and i wanted to like this band

161 days ago
Why the fck is Vogel a part of this, sure I'm relieved it's not the dude from Trapped Under Ice in another "mega band" But Vogel is the WORST the last thing the world needs is that pleasure in another band