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Avenged Sevenfold announces new drummer

Wednesday, November 04, 2015 6:48 AM PT

Avenged Sevenfold has formally announced their new drummer, and he is Brooks Wackerman. This explains why Wackerman announced his departure from Bad Religion last week, a band he'd been with for more than a decade.

Frontman M. Shadows had this to say to Chris Jericho via the Talk Is Jericho podcast:

"To be honest, Brooks' name has always been in the mix. It was one of the names we were throwing around when Jimmy passed away in terms of who was going to step up for Nightmare. We felt Mike [Portnoy] was the right choice and we still feel that way. Mike just destroyed on the record. He was perfect. But at the time, our tour manager brought up Brooks' name as well. But at the time he was also busy with Bad Religion and it was also … people were going to look at it differently because he was a punk drummer at this point."


11/4/2015 7:56:37 AM
Why would you go from an excellent band to a terrible band? Everybody loves money I guess.

11/4/2015 8:46:27 AM
But at the time... But at the time... But at the time... But at the time... But at the time... But at the time...

But seriously, Bad Religion has sucked since Generator. I'd take the money and run.

11/4/2015 8:56:56 AM
Tbh I think I speak for everyone here at Lambgoat when I say
: not DJENT don't care
Ray DJENT Clark

11/4/2015 9:31:54 AM
being all punk rawk about it is the absolute worst thing you can do. join the band that makes MONEY and improve your life! backed hard.

11/4/2015 10:14:21 AM
Does Avenged Sevenfold still have a big following? Didn't most of their fans grow up and get past that stage?

11/4/2015 11:06:06 AM
Good think Van flip season is upon us.


11/4/2015 2:01:03 PM
This better be the wrestler Chris Jericho they're talking about, otherwise No Care Ever circa 2008.

11/4/2015 2:06:26 PM
^^^ How many other Chris Jerichos do you know of?

11/4/2015 6:23:57 PM
^^ how many jerks does your mother sleep with?

11/4/2015 7:18:51 PM
Dude will be able to afford the expensive milk now.

11/5/2015 5:20:51 AM
Axell Pugh has a man bush.

11/5/2015 6:21:20 AM
I am the man known as Axl.Pugh and I do, in fact, have a man bush, frolic through my pleasure zones.

11/5/2015 3:19:55 PM
20 hours ago
^^ how many jerks does your mother sleep with?


11/5/2015 3:57:53 PM
BREAK THE fck UP. god damn.