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Alexisonfire pour cold water on 'officially back' remarks

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 5:55 AM PT

Alexisonfire back together

Three days after seemingly announcing their return, quasi-reunited band Alexisonfire have issued now a statement in which they attempt to temper fans' currently heated expectations for new material and new shows. Apparently, guitarist Wade MacNeil's characterization of the band's status as "officially back" was a bit misleading. Here you go:

"It was an unforgettable summer. All of us are extremely grateful to have such loyal and dedicated fans who were willing to stick with us. That being said, we feel the need to clarify something.

"'Alexisonfire is officially back' may well be true, but it seems some may be reading more into this than they should. The truth is, nothing has really changed. We all have our own careers and families which require our attention and as far as Alexisonfire is concerned, there are no immediate plans.

"What 'Alexisonfire is back' does mean is that the five of us are back in each other's lives and are as good friends now as we've ever been. If we're lucky, we'll see you out there again. Thank you for sharing in the moment with us."


9/23/2015 6:00:30 AM

9/23/2015 6:03:11 AM
nobody cares. i rather read these stupid f*kking adds at the bottom of this page.

9/23/2015 6:06:38 AM
Crowd fund in 3, 2, 1

9/23/2015 6:26:04 AM
Lets announce that we're back and say that we're not back.

9/23/2015 6:38:48 AM
I rather have grammar adds.

9/23/2015 7:16:11 AM
No more sentimental shit, alexisonfire is officially back to getting pizza and beer together before going home to put the kids to bed and finishing project reports

9/23/2015 7:23:20 AM
This might very well be the gayest thing I've ever read.

9/23/2015 8:06:11 AM
Spice girls

9/23/2015 8:40:08 AM

9/23/2015 8:56:14 AM
i guess that kid bitching about the hundreds of dollars he spent on their reunion shows and merch can stop bitching now

9/23/2015 9:54:00 AM
what a bunch of douchebags

9/23/2015 10:00:22 AM
"We'll call you when we want to dump a load in ya."

- Alexisonfire

9/23/2015 10:00:31 AM
Just stay broken up if you can't commit. Middle aged trolls.

9/23/2015 10:15:01 AM
"we might jam a little and go grab beers together but don't hold us to anything." <---reunion statement.

9/23/2015 10:57:35 AM
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9/23/2015 12:14:36 PM
We're back! ...Except we're not back at all

9/23/2015 12:23:42 PM

The Aristocrats!


9/23/2015 1:20:19 PM
We announced our reunion, but Coachella didn't offer us what we think we deserve so fck this shit!

9/23/2015 3:17:58 PM
"Penises and testicles and creases and labias and vulvas and scrotums and uteruses and period blood and mestrual blood and I like to eat chicks out during their period." - Dallas Green.

9/23/2015 7:26:49 PM
i am happy they might not get back together, i spent hundreds, no, tens of dollars to see them at heavy mtl.

9/23/2015 7:55:50 PM
10 hours ago
i guess that kid bitching about the hundreds of dollars he spent on their reunion shows and merch can stop bitching now


9/23/2015 8:14:02 PM
we'll be back when we need more money, but for now you can go fck yourself

9/23/2015 8:25:41 PM
nothing like 35 year old dudes singing songs they wrote about their ex girlfriends in high school with a bunch of other 35 year old dudes who used their vacation days up at their 9-5 to come listen to the dudes play these shit songs they put on mixtapes back in 2000 when life was still good

9/23/2015 9:40:28 PM
Hello it is me - well I gues I am a clebruty here and LAMBGOAT- it is me the boy who said I spent 100$ on their reunion merch, well I am here now to defend my action! They offered a sick package - a t shirt and a CD, for 200$ now I'm not the richest man but 200 for a cd and t shirt well- it peaked my interest! And well I just ask u stop mocking me here and lambgoat to take down my pictures !!!

9/24/2015 6:34:43 AM
Your kids will grow up hating you anyway. Go on tour and try to make a couple bucks, maybe even fvck a scene chick or two...cause you know the wife is not giving that pvzzy up after popping out a kid or two. Who you lying to dawgy?

9/24/2015 7:25:06 AM
after you hit 30 it's time to hang it up and start playing indie rock. the one guy in the band had it right, but these other losers were like "dude, we don't have any talent. you can't go off and make your own band and leave us here" so he sadly had to come back and help them get a paycheck

9/25/2015 9:25:38 PM
The only liquid that needs to be poured on this, is stale brown urine.

No Care Ever.176

9/27/2015 7:25:49 AM
Translation : "we agreed to be a band again, agreed to write an album and make money, and but between our singers pot belly and Dallas's ego trips we got so pissed off that we are breaking up again" <3 AOF

9/27/2015 7:27:25 AM
PS plus Steele is smoking crack laced with heroin and doesn't know how to share :(