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For Today, Gideon, Silent Planet tour dates

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 10:59 AM PT

For Today will headline a round of June and July touring featuring direct support from Gideon and Silent Planet. Here's the itinerary:

6/20 Mineral City, OH @ Alive Fest
6/21 Detroit, MI @ The Shelter
6/22 Buffalo, NY @ Waiting Room
6/23 Hartford, CT @ Webster Underground
6/24 Providence, RI @ Simon's 677
6/25 Shirleysburg, PA @ Creation Northeast
6/26 Freehold, NJ @ Gamechanger World
6/27 Amityville, NY @ Revolution
7/10 Lexington, KY @ Creation Ichthus
7/11 Troutville, VA @ Inside Out
7/12 Durham, NC @ Motorco Music Hall
7/14 Knoxville, TN @ The Concourse
7/15 Memphis, TN @ Hi-Tone Café
7/16 Clarksville, IN @ The Warehouse
7/17 Palatine, IL @ Dirty Nellie's
7/18 Somerset, WI @ Sonshine Festival


4/22/2015 11:04:37 AM
Satanic Bible readers are not stoked.

4/22/2015 11:19:40 AM
fck for today hail Satan honk honk

4/22/2015 11:20:49 AM
The cult is coming to town. Lock your doors.

4/22/2015 12:17:31 PM
They gays are not stoked.

4/22/2015 12:32:14 PM
Life on the D-List

4/22/2015 1:26:09 PM
jesus I hope the vocalist of for togay drinks the juice first

4/22/2015 1:38:50 PM
saw pictures of him from metalfest last week, looked like Mattie Montgomery has gone rasta, maybe the whole god thing didn't work out for there image so now they have to pretend there stoners, just like four year strong

4/22/2015 1:57:06 PM
jesus fcking christ

4/22/2015 3:32:45 PM
Pat Robertson is stoked.

4/22/2015 3:33:11 PM
these inbred biblebelt fcks have to tour in thirdrate inbred locations. Good.

4/22/2015 4:50:01 PM
who the fck is silent planet?

4/22/2015 5:53:38 PM
Clarksville, IN. LOL

4/23/2015 7:51:04 AM
i'll be there!

said no one ever.

4/23/2015 8:20:04 AM
i hope every single person who goes to those shows wears cradle of filth jesus is a c*nt / marduk fck me jesus shirts

4/23/2015 9:05:20 AM
Dont drink the kool aid kids!! Actually if your stupid enough to go see for today just drink the kool aid.

4/23/2015 10:10:48 AM
"The Gays Should Stay Away" tour, coming to a town near you.
Gideon's tight, but For Today are gigantic tools. I don't shit about SP, I find them boring.

4/23/2015 6:35:08 PM
Get your assets to pre-show bible study or you're off the tour.....Steve!

4/25/2015 10:51:41 PM
Going to one of these shows solely for Silent Planet. Can confirm, tour is in Hicksville good ol boy turritory.