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Conducting From The Grave parts ways with vocalist

Tuesday, March 31, 2015 7:18 PM PT

California deathcore/melodic death metal act Conducting From The Grave has announced the departure of frontman Mikey Powell. The band has issued the following statement:

"After 5 years and 2 albums, Conducting From The Grave have decided to part ways with vocalist Mikey Powell. We wish him the best and love all the work he did vocally on Revenants and our self titled album. Reasons behind this are mainly geographical and financial. He lives near Los Angeles and we are based in Sacramento. We used to tour quite frequently, but over the last two years of minimal band activity (3-5 shows per year) band members' priorities in life have changed. A rift of sorts developed, and he has expressed interest in stepping down as our front man in the past. Since we are now old man weekend warriors it doesn't make sense to have a band member that lives 350 miles away. We are still moving forward with the re-recorded re-release of our debut EP Trials of the Forsaken, and the 10 year anniversary shows booked for May 1st-3rd. Our ex vocalist Drew Winter will be handling vocal duties. You can hear his most recent work vocally in the band Shadow of the Colossus. Come check out the shows, our friends in Aenimus and Flub are joining us for all 3.

5/1 Orangevale, CA @ The Boardwalk
5/2 Reno, NV @ Jub Jubs (Spring Meltdown)
5/3 Upland, CA @ The Grizzly Den


3/31/2015 7:46:49 PM
Does this mean that BRAVER is getting back together?

3/31/2015 8:02:53 PM
fck braver, it's all about HAVOCxx

4/1/2015 12:17:36 AM
oh well band is fcking shit anyway

4/1/2015 7:32:21 AM
they need to get lou tanuis back. best vocalist they've ever had.

4/1/2015 8:36:55 AM
Lou is a user and gave everyone herpes (I'll pay you back bro I swear).

4/1/2015 8:58:27 AM
Best vocalist/worst human. Dude used to grope females at shows and pop pills.

4/1/2015 10:21:16 AM
Girls went to their shows?

4/1/2015 11:00:31 AM
conducting from a better paying job amirite?!?!

4/1/2015 11:48:45 AM
DREW WINTER HAS THEE TINIEST HANDS THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN ON A GROWN MAN. Also I was wondering if he ever shaved off his PEDO MUSTACHE? That shit made him look like a 14 year old Megadeth fan circa 1987. FFFFFFAAAAAG BAND, FFFFFFAAAAG SINGERS!!!

Peace, Níggers!

4/1/2015 11:51:09 AM
"Best vocalist/worst human. Dude used to grope females at shows and pop pills."

Dude, that's like EVERYONE IN SACRAMENTO. At least the part about TEH PILLZ!

4/1/2015 2:44:47 PM
Lou taintius is a punk bitch who needs to get knocked out, YEAH IM CALLIN YOU OUT LOU. Suck me sideways!!!!!!!

Anyways, this band is poop ham.

4/1/2015 4:14:57 PM
fck i miss 2009

4/2/2015 5:05:42 AM
Lou got me pregnant and when I tried to get ahold if him he acted like I didn't exist. She is three now and has never known her own father. I say she's better off.

4/2/2015 8:01:20 PM
LOU = Michael Keene

4/3/2015 10:31:06 AM
Skeeter valentine is the new vocalist

4/4/2015 10:01:16 AM
Bands who's claim to fame is being a sumerian pity project are not stoked.