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Deez Nuts announces new album, record label

Monday, February 2, 2015 9:44 AM PT

Aussie hardcore outfit Deez Nuts has now signed a deal with Century Media Records for the United States and Canada. To date, Deez Nuts has had a Europe-only record deal with the label.

The group's new album, Word Is Bond, is now scheduled for release in North America on April 27. The effort was recorded in December by Andrew Neufeld (of Comeback Kid) and Shane Frisby at The Brick Hithouse in Massachusetts. You can check out its cover and track listing below.

Deez Nuts Word Is Bond album cover artwork

01. Word
02. Yesterday
03. Pour Up
04. What's Good
05. Behind Bars
06. What I Gotta Do
07. Chess Boxin'
08. Don't Wanna Talk About It
09. Face This On My Own
10. Wrong Things Right
11. Understand
12. Party At The Hill
13. The Message
14. Word Is Bond


2/2/2015 9:57:48 AM
not a whole lot of people are stoked

2/2/2015 10:02:41 AM
cover art is actually pretty rad

2/2/2015 12:25:31 PM
Who would of thought that a band named Deez Nuts would have actually hung in there over the years?

Color me impressed.

2/2/2015 12:50:22 PM
Shits gonna be dope. Cant wait, sagea, sagea, sagea, sagea, gay ass sagea.

2/2/2015 1:04:18 PM
Stoked! my butt-buddy and I routinely get it on to their album Bout it, so this is gonna be a breath of fresh air for us. c-mshots ahoy!

2/2/2015 1:04:35 PM
of course a band that acts like sages would have African tribal designs on their shitty album

2/2/2015 1:05:32 PM
Unless you're announcing that they broke up, stop posting about this band. They're ruining hardcore.

2/2/2015 2:36:17 PM
this band is pure shit. shit name, shit music. they are ruining hardcore.

2/2/2015 3:51:37 PM
Dogshit humans making dogshit music. Real Bad is an extremely closeted homosexual.

2/2/2015 4:07:23 PM
All the fat ass kV neckbeards commenting in this thread. Leave a basement and have a beer every once in a while. You might start to understand the concept of FUN.

2/2/2015 4:38:51 PM
these jerks make toilet music

2/3/2015 3:51:42 AM

2/3/2015 8:31:41 AM
tribe called quest is stoked

2/3/2015 8:56:33 AM
realbad confirmed gay, sucked me like a 5 dollar milkshake, jaBROni.

2/4/2015 8:16:07 AM
This band and it's fans should be killed