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Southeast Beast 2015 lineup takes shape

Monday, December 15, 2014 11:40 AM PT

Southeast Beast 2015 will take place on April 4 and 5 at Club Aqua in Jacksonville, FL. An official announcement on the matter will be made later today, but we can reveal that the following bands will appear (with more on the way):

Life Of Agony
New Found Glory
Earth Crisis
Rotting Out
Crime In Stereo
Wisdom In Chains
A Loss For Words
The Banner
Old Wounds
This Wild Life
Bad Luck
Cross Me
King Nine
Artifex Pereo
Boys No Good
The Orphan The Poet
True Love
more TBA


12/15/2014 11:52:10 AM

12/15/2014 1:33:08 PM
Keith Caputo>Mina Caputo

12/15/2014 1:41:03 PM
When I was in liferuiner we had a grand time playing Florida with thick as blood, cdc and afb

12/15/2014 1:42:26 PM
who the fck goes to this shit

12/15/2014 1:50:41 PM
seth rudesill is stoked to meet mina caputo

12/15/2014 2:27:17 PM
Earth Crisis, Biohazard, Cro Mags, Life Of Agony, King Nine, and a bunch of shitty bands.

For the most part the only good bands playing is the older ones, fya fest seems to have a much better grasp of what CURRENT HARDCORE is.

12/15/2014 2:44:50 PM
Can't wait for Rotting Out to play FYA ^^

12/15/2014 2:52:47 PM
People who were looking for a good place to bring a gun are stoked.

12/15/2014 2:56:11 PM
Damn that's shallow when the folks from FYA Fest have to come bash another Fest in Florida. Hey FYA hope y'all got a Merch rate on all the bands. Tumbler girls will be breaking open their piggy banks to hashtag all those shirts.

12/15/2014 2:58:15 PM
why the fck is villains on this.. nobody likes that crap in chicago. internet band.

12/15/2014 3:00:18 PM
anonymous0 seconds ago
Damn that's shallow when the folks from FYA Fest have to come bash another Fest in Florida. Hey FYA hope y'all got a Merch rate on all the bands. Tumbler girls will be breaking open their piggy banks to hashtag all those shirts."

Funniest shit I've read in a while.

12/15/2014 3:00:26 PM
Too add on to that SEB prepare to lose ass with the you relevant bands playing,

12/15/2014 3:22:47 PM
Anyone complaining about this fest is just mad that they're too broke to attend. Crazy line up. Can't wait.

12/15/2014 3:29:53 PM
"Too add on to that SEB prepare to lose ass with the you relevant bands playing,"

Well said.

12/15/2014 3:38:52 PM
a hardcore fest without title fight and their 9 t-t sucking, leech bands?! no waaaaaaaaaaay

12/15/2014 3:49:44 PM
rotting out sucks and im not from fya. just someone coming to fl to attend a fest. sorry if i prefer to see good current talent over 4 washed up old bands and a bunch of pop punk/la dispute core shit that is seb

12/15/2014 4:02:57 PM
FYA, SEB, the Fest, Breast Fest, United Blood, Southern Ties, This Is Hardcore, Black N Blue, East Coast Tsunami ... All tight!!

12/15/2014 4:04:52 PM
Well I'm not even someone from Florida just a fan of the bands on SEB and it's stupid they got bashed. Some of the bands on FYA are dope But I hate tumblr bands

12/15/2014 5:22:59 PM
Guys...you only have to hit pot comment once. I know everyone on the internet is really mad for...well... no good reason, but hit post comment once.

12/15/2014 10:29:21 PM
What about FloridaRulesFest.Thats what I'm waiting on.See you queers in the pit.

12/15/2014 11:54:03 PM
new found glory are probably doing this for free so chad can take instagrams with the crucial hardcore bands on this

12/16/2014 12:18:10 AM
Boys no good...the fck kid of name is that

12/16/2014 6:00:26 AM
^^^ he won't treat you like he should

12/16/2014 9:25:35 AM
Do people not understand that this is a mixed genre fest. Ohhh man there are some gay tumblr bands on this lineup, well no shit. That was on purpose. The goal of mixed genre shows is to expose people that listen to one genre of music to another. Find something else to bitch about.

12/16/2014 9:39:49 AM
How does villains sell 300 copies of their record and still get on this shit? Most local bands sell more.

12/16/2014 12:24:07 PM
People will always complain about mixed genre shows/fest. Personally, I think it's awesome. There's some hardcore, some pop punk, some "tumblr core" stuff. Who the fck cares. The FYA lineup is tight, and so is this.

12/16/2014 3:18:57 PM
FYA = more dudes from bands hanging out than actual paying attendees.

12/16/2014 6:45:54 PM
Like Cro-Mags are cool and all.....but...

12/17/2014 10:29:30 PM
I love h20 & NFG but they shouldn't headline over the cro mags...

12/18/2014 6:31:38 PM
Festival named after a character's nickname in Ready 2 Rumble Boxing

12/25/2014 4:35:20 PM
This is Andrew Chumbley
I've been waiting for this thread all year, CYC does more for hardcore than any of you sitting on fcking Lambgoat do They have toy drives for needy kids, they give money to have shows happen, they own a venue, they give bands $ to help them tour, they sign bands, what the hell are u doing for your scene? Your bullshit egos are what's ruining hardcore. I back CYC 150%. I can't wait for this fest. If you have an issue PLEASE message me on Facebook or twitter

1/10/2015 11:07:22 AM
fckING LOL at this being at Club Aqua

3/19/2015 1:29:36 PM
Entombed in the Abyss from Orlando will be in the lineup for day 1!!

7/14/2016 7:21:45 AM
Hardcore as a "scene" is a complete joke and if you'd like to see the punch line just look at every single person that paid money to get into that show.

7/14/2016 7:24:33 AM
kind of like... -my lack of proper punctuation, in my preceding post.

7/14/2016 7:39:44 AM
Andrew,this is your mother writing to you, disconnect from the internet and clean your room-it is tough raising a child in a double wide trailer, living off of a steady diet of grilled cheese sandwiches made on Nabisco crackers cause we cannot afford a loaf of bread, because you "book" these god-awful festivals and it continuously depletes our finances

10/14/2016 7:54:33 AM
Andrews mother here again,any of you band buddies wanna shower with momma and help her shave her back and knuckles-we could make like Dwayne "the rock" Johnson and Just Bring It.