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Sylar robbed in Montreal; all their money stolen

Wednesday, November 26, 2014 3:58 PM PT

The Emmure and The Acacia Strain tour hasn't gotten off to the greatest start. First, The Acacia Strain's van was struck by a drunk driver, causing them to miss two shows. Now, less than a day later, Sylar's van has been broken into, and all of their money stolen. The band has issued the following statement:

"A few minutes ago our van got broken into in Montreal, Canada and all of our money was stolen. We're now back to square one financially and in a different country. Any help from you guys would mean the world. If you can buy any Merch online by clicking this link or at any of the upcoming shows on The Eternal Enemies Tour, it would mean the world. You'd be helping us by even just sharing this status. We will continue this tour no matter what. Thank you."

Sylar van broken into


11/26/2014 4:11:26 PM
Thanks for tha easy money fellas

11/26/2014 4:21:43 PM
Keep your money in your pockets.

Don't travel with several thousand dollars on you. Go to the bank each morning and deposit the previous night's take.

When in the United States, travel with a gun.

Stop being idiots.

11/26/2014 4:36:46 PM
Yeah, all the same banks exist in Canada as they do in the states idiot

11/26/2014 4:41:00 PM

Ever heard of a routing number? You will, once you move out of your mom's house.

11/26/2014 4:51:17 PM
sageas ain't got no money to wire shit

11/26/2014 5:10:08 PM
Man, why is your cash in the van dudez??? Sorry but it's like, wtf.

11/26/2014 5:22:40 PM
It's too bad they are finishing the tour, no matter what.

11/26/2014 5:45:59 PM
I bet it was a black or brown

11/26/2014 6:00:55 PM
Now I bet they can buy half a Canadiens ticket

11/26/2014 6:06:07 PM

11/26/2014 6:18:53 PM
First I down a few jack & cokes, then I bomb 'straightedgedrama street' in CT. Get one shitty band out of a tour.. then I pull this and this tour might keep going? Better hack their merch site..

11/26/2014 6:21:54 PM
I've never heard this band's music before in my life

11/26/2014 6:28:28 PM
Why can't one person stay with the van? It's not a hard concept really.

11/26/2014 6:33:03 PM
they will have a hard time paying caleb schomo to write all of their next album again

11/26/2014 9:32:43 PM
anonymous3 hours ago
I've never heard this band's music before in my life

They're on tour with Emmure and Acacia Strain. That should tell you all you need to know

11/26/2014 10:02:51 PM
but but but Canada is a peaceful pacifist utopia where everyone is overtly polite and 100% full of good well intentioned people. How could this happen???????

11/27/2014 3:27:21 AM
how can you rob someone who can cut your head open with telekinesis and steal your powers

11/27/2014 5:11:18 AM
Heros joke!!!^^^

11/27/2014 5:34:07 AM
hahahah gays. im sure jay can suck frank palmeris dck for some gear and a cash advance.

11/27/2014 5:36:46 AM
montreal is pretty notorious for van break-ins. surprised nobody warned them. its like that venue in st louis recently. you should just know better. womp womp. anyhow jay panesso sucks frank palmeris dck for record contracts and big tours. serves you right, try hard gays.

11/27/2014 6:17:31 AM
Simon gray strikes again!

11/27/2014 6:55:16 AM
the lorde giveth and the lorde taketh away

11/27/2014 8:10:34 AM
Lol, like Frankie Palmeri has any money. That hack doesn't make money hahahaha

11/27/2014 8:36:21 AM
saw these guys in clifton park and they were great, high energy. good luck, dudes.

11/27/2014 8:42:59 AM
Who even carries cash anymore, get with the times bros. Clueless fools...How stupid and suburban are you to be to leaveing all your cash in your vehicle. No sympathy for retards.

11/27/2014 10:35:08 AM
Pockets y'all... 4 pockets per person times the amount of people in the van. Divide the number of bills by that number and each pocket gets that many bills. Boom! Even if all your iPod shuffles and and Sega game gears get stolen you still have your money.

11/27/2014 4:13:54 PM
All their money was stolen.

All $8 of it

11/27/2014 5:35:57 PM
leaveing all your cash leaveing all your cash leaveing all your cash leaveing all your cash leaveing all your cash leaveing all your cash leaveing all your cash leaveing all your cash leaveing all your cash leaveing all your cash

11/27/2014 6:19:01 PM
i'm sure the thieves needed the money more than they did.

11/27/2014 7:56:08 PM
Frankie Palmeri's dick is stoked

11/27/2014 8:16:57 PM
le bag of jewels?

11/27/2014 8:53:58 PM
Wayne Static is resting in peace

11/27/2014 10:30:35 PM
Webby made this band up.

11/28/2014 5:51:14 AM
^^^if only

11/28/2014 6:33:49 AM
anonymous 1 day ago
they will have a hard time paying caleb schomo to write all of their next album again

haha this is too fcking true