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Stick To Your Guns, The Amity Affliction tour

Wednesday, November 19, 2014 10:08 AM PT

Stick To Your Guns will headline the "Disobedient Tour" with support from The Amity Affliction, Being As An Ocean, '68, and In Hearts Wake. Dates can be found below.

2/13 Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades
2/14 Salt Lake City, UT @ In the Venue
2/15 Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre
2/17 Chicago, IL @ The Bottom Lounge
2/18 Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick
2/19 Toronto, ON @ Mod Club
2/20 Montreal, QC @ Paradox Theatre
2/21 Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
2/22 New York, NY @ Gramercy Theatre
2/23 Albany, NY @ Bogie's
2/24 Philadelphia, PA @ TLA
2/25 Greensboro, NC @ Cone Denim Center
2/26 Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
2/27 Tampa, FL @ The Orpheum
2/28 Jacksonville, FL @ Underbelly
3/2 San Antonio, TX @ Korova
3/3 Houston, TX @ Walter's
3/4 Dallas, TX @ The Door
3/5 Albuquerque, NM @ Launchpad
3/6 Phoenix, AZ @ Nile Theatre
3/8 San Diego, CA @ Soma


11/19/2014 10:53:22 AM
I hate it when bands choose to go to trashy San Antonio rather than Austin. lame.

11/19/2014 3:19:52 PM
Everyone and their mom goes to Austin.
Someone just doesn't want to drive an hour and get stuck in traffic

11/19/2014 3:52:36 PM
actually cool tour. lot of variet

11/19/2014 4:06:18 PM
Hardcore bands hardly ever come here. Yeah we get all the indie rock and hipster stuff but most hardcore bands go to SA not Austin. I would maybe not mind going to SA if it wasn't such a shit hole.

11/19/2014 4:07:16 PM
And i've been to White Rabbit. It blows.

11/19/2014 4:22:52 PM
Austin gets plenty of hardcore shows. Red7, The Mohawk, 1808, the Dirty Dog, Trailer Space,the Lost Well, and the Holy Mountain all have hardcore shows every week.

Are you sure that you're not a closet Sumerian fan? There's plenty of that in San Antonio.

11/19/2014 4:34:26 PM
the rabbit got sold homie. That's why everything has been movies to backstage live and the Korova.

11/19/2014 5:36:52 PM
Good. That place sucked. And shall I rephrase? Lots of hardcore tours will hit SA instead. I have been to about half the places you listed and hardly ever hear about hardcore shows there. Maybe I'm just don't have my finger close enough to the pulse of the scene. Been here for a few years and haven't really felt like there was a strong local scene hear like in Southern California.

11/19/2014 5:38:09 PM
Here. *

11/19/2014 6:46:16 PM
the hardcore scene in San antonio is nothing but tumblr kids.
The only time they have a good show is if it's a random house show.

11/19/2014 8:33:01 PM
Turnstile should save this.

11/19/2014 9:00:06 PM
I would've expected STYG to tour with some hardcore bands... Although Being As An Ocean is pretty cool.

11/19/2014 9:00:37 PM
fck dude Turnstile sucks.

11/19/2014 9:04:04 PM
San Antonio is cool but it still has a "wiggers chilling at the mall" vibe that Austin does not. Of course, Austin is overrun with hipsters. It's a pick-your-poison situation.

That said, King 810 has never played a show in Austin I intend to keep it that way; by myself if necessary.

11/19/2014 10:15:19 PM
fck dude Turnstile sucks.....You sir.....are a fcking idiot.

11/20/2014 12:18:55 AM
No one actually likes '68

11/20/2014 1:18:21 AM
No one actually likes '68


Agreed. '68 fans = old The Chariot fans

11/20/2014 6:44:39 AM

11/20/2014 9:17:54 AM
No one actually likes '68


Agreed. '68 fans = old The Chariot fans

The Chariot fans = Old Norma Jean fans = People who don't know about Botch

PS The Chariot sucks.

11/20/2014 9:49:23 AM
Austin is where Defonce likes to go to throw limp wristed punches at women.

11/20/2014 10:20:41 AM
Brittany is stoked

11/20/2014 7:09:55 PM
fake hardcore/the ghost inside are stoked

11/20/2014 9:45:36 PM
Amity Affliction are gay. No Australian band is good

11/20/2014 10:03:00 PM
Another great tour misses Seattle. Go figure