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Weedeater prepares to record new album

Thursday, July 31, 2014 3:38 PM PT

Weedeater will enter the studio this fall to begin recording their Season Of Mist debut. The effort will be tracked with engineer Steve Albini (High On Fire, Neurosis) and is due out this winter.


8/2/2014 7:21:46 PM
I hope Travis Owens plays drums on this. Such a sick drummer with lots of energy!!

8/4/2014 10:07:52 AM
This is amazing news. Very cool.

8/6/2014 7:18:18 AM
I hope Travis doesn't play on the recording. He's an awesome drummer but he adds too much and plays shit too fast. With this kind of music it's what you leave out or don't do that makes it fit. Keko was the master of that. I'm not saying you gotta get Keko back, that would be awesome tho. At least get someone that fits better.