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Metal Blade Records signs Theories

Thursday, July 31, 2014 10:03 AM PT

Official press release:

Seattle, WA based death/grind newcomers, Theories, has signed with Metal Blade Records. The band, which features former members of Book of Black Earth, Skarp, and Samothrace, has been performing across the US since their inception in late 2010. They've earned slots on tours with Goatwhore, Fallujah, Toxic Holocaust, King Parrot, and more. Now in 2014, Theories, are preparing to release their debut full length album. The lineup of vocalist Rick Powell, guitarist Lee McGlothlen, bassist Kusha Karimi, and drummer Joe Axler have joined forces for one purpose: to write vicious grindcore/death metal, and to tour extensively.

Drummer Joe Axler comments: "After grinding hard for almost 4 years we had finally taken a (short) break from touring to record our first full length record engineered by Derek Moree at Red Room Studios and mastered by Scott Hull at Visceral Sound and are extremely excited with the results. During a tour around the states to Marlyand Death Fest, just after recording, we fell upon the ears of the label we will be releasing with, Metal Blade, we couldn't be happier with this new relationship and plan on continuing to go hard and bust as many fucking ear drums as possible. Grind hard or stay fucking home!"

Additional details, new music, art, etc. from the forthcoming Theories full length will be available in the coming months. Until then, fans can hear the band's 2011 demo at theories.bandcamp.com.


7/31/2014 10:33:52 AM
Does MetalBlade sign any ole garage band?

7/31/2014 10:35:30 AM
These big label press releases are such BS. The "ex-members" of Book Of Black Earth, Skarp and Samothrace is the same dude.

Stoked for them though. Good dudes.

7/31/2014 10:44:35 AM
take the l and the e out of blade and change the name to metal bad records.

7/31/2014 11:09:00 AM
oh my damn life i really hope my Theories brothers TJ and Cody make it a priority to see all their younger brothers here in sacramento who have grown up and have not had a chance to experience the band yet what a grand tragedy it could be should they completely miss sacramento where all us are here going no where. what a grand tragedy. TJ Cody if you stumble upon this please honor our request. my captcha is meth, which is what everyone in sacramento does.

7/31/2014 11:11:39 AM
why do bands get so lucky? my band ( Physics Of Demise) who have been busting our asses for years can't catch a break. so if you like us on facebook grab our full length is 10 dollars to download, which is basically nothing...

7/31/2014 11:33:46 AM
im gathering these guys do nothing but jam like a bunch of toddlers in there mommy and dadys garage meanwhile My band Physics Of Demise, we have worked r asses off only to not get signed so tired of this diy bs.

7/31/2014 11:34:25 AM
except for the fact its 10 bucks and your band sucks.

7/31/2014 11:58:46 AM
maybe you should quit whining like a little baby about the price what do you want me to give it to you for $5 since that's all mommy and daddys allowance can afford you. get lost.

7/31/2014 12:02:35 PM
This is just coming across: David Gunn is thinking of doing a Roadrunner imprint called 810 Recs! Physics of Demise may get signed AFTER ALL!!! (my captcha is asphalt)

7/31/2014 12:09:29 PM
The singer is my cousin

7/31/2014 12:12:01 PM
Wow good news on lambgoat? I'm stoked for these dudes. Joe is my sagea

7/31/2014 12:38:58 PM
"maybe you should quit whining like a little baby about the price what do you want me to give it to you for $5 since that's all mommy and daddys allowance can afford you. get lost."

seriously? dude, you posted 2 comments LITERALLY whining about not being signed. then again, you might just be dumb.

your band still sucks. Im sorry, man.

7/31/2014 12:42:49 PM
lets hope physics of demise gets signed before this dude has a nervous breakdown, shit, crybaby

7/31/2014 1:02:26 PM
anonymous49 minutes ago
The singer is my cousin

fcking WOW...next time I see "anonymous" out on the street im gonna have to shake his hand. you da man.

7/31/2014 2:39:53 PM
literally one of my favorite local bands. so pumped!

8/1/2014 9:14:09 AM
oOOoo physics of demise sounds great!
jk just wanted to say congrats to theories. my fav totes brutes Seattle band.

8/1/2014 9:27:37 AM
This band is garbage, perfect for the Metal Blade roster.

8/5/2014 9:19:21 AM
My captcha is joaellat and