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Septicflesh announces 'A Fallen Temple' re-issue

Wednesday, November 27, 2013 3:58 PM PT

Official press release:

Greek metal masters Septicflesh have announced an January 21st North American release date for the reissue of their full-length 'A Fallen Temple' album.

Originally released in 1999, the critically-acclaimed band's fourth record will feature four bonus tracks, in the shape of previously unreleased mixes of "The Last Time (Paradise Lost cover)", "Underworld Act 3", "Finale" and "The Eldest Cosmonaut (Single Version)". Additionally, the re-issue has been remastered and completely repackaged by vocalist/bassist Spiros "Seth" Antoniou with all-new cover artwork. 'A Fallen Temple' will be available on CD and limited edition LP. The track list is as follows:

Track list:

01. Brotherhood of the Fallen Knights
02. The Eldest Cosmonaut
03. Marble Smiling Face
04. Underwold Act 1
05. Temple of the Lost Race
06. The Crypt
07. Setting of the Two Suns
08. Erebus
09. Underwold Act 2
10. The Eldest Cosmonaut (Dark Mix)
11. The Last Time (Paradise Lost cover)
12. Underwold Act 3
13. Finale
14. The Eldest Cosmonaut (Single Version)

'A Fallen Temple' is the fourth of the series of re-issues of early Septicflesh full-lengths by Season of Mist. Season of Mist recently reissued Septicflesh's first three records: 'Ophidian Wheel', 'Mystic Places of Dawn' and 'EZONTPON'.