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Zoax signs with S.O.A.R./Century Media

Monday, November 25, 2013 1:05 PM PT

London, UK five-piece Zoax has officially signed with Siege of Amida Records (and, by extension, Century Media Records). According to S.O.A.R., "These guys play an utterly mind blowing blend of post hardcore, modern rock and tech in a way we can only describe as incredible."

Zoax will release their debut EP in early-2014, followed later in the year by a full-length.

The band comments: "We are absolutely delighted to announce that we have signed to the Siege Of Amida Records/Century Media Records family, and we are releasing our debut EP early next year. To everyone who has patiently waited for new music from us, thank you all. What an amazing year this has been, and we have no doubt that 2014 will be just as good."


11/25/2013 3:13:59 PM

11/26/2013 10:07:50 AM
It sounds like a poor mans attempt at what At The Drive in succeeded in doing. This band doesn't suck, but they certainly aren't mindblowing, they just structure their music a bit more back and forth to give the illusion that its "mindblowing"

11/26/2013 10:19:23 AM
COAX? yeah, I have that in my garage. Matter of fact this message is traveling via the cable.