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Job For A Cowboy recruits Danny Walker for new LP

Tuesday, November 5, 2013 11:25 AM PT

Official press release:

Job for a Cowboy are currently writing their fourth full length album, and the follow up to 2012's "Demonocracy" album. Last week, it was revealed that the band would be moving forward without long time drummer Jon "Charn" Rice.

With a new album in the process of being written and scheduled to be recorded with Jason Suecof this winter, Job for a Cowboy have enlisted the immensely capable drumming talents of Danny Walker to fill in as the studio drummer. Walker is known for his work in Intronaut, as well as having performed with Exhumed, Jesu, Phobia, Murder Construct, and more.

Danny Walker comments on being a part of the new Job for a Cowboy album: "I'm thrilled to be working with these guys on this record! I look forward to challenging myself and contributing to a fresh and different outlet!"

Job for a Cowboy bassist Nick Schendzielos has offered the following update: "Well my friends the time has come and The Charn has officially decided to step off the JFAC train. Absolutely no hahd feelins or nothin! We love the dude, cherish the memories we made with him, and in all likelihood will be seeing him again very soon…which brings up the next awesome piece of news. Our phenomenally talented friend Danny Walker is going to grace our next full length with his decidedly delicious drum tracks! We are seriously excited to hear what it's going to turn out like- let the anticipation build!"


11/5/2013 11:48:12 AM
awesome news

11/5/2013 12:45:03 PM
Very confused and upset by this news. He is probably my favorite drummer. This is so strange and gives me a tummy ache.

11/5/2013 12:59:50 PM
d00m ep was better

11/5/2013 1:01:44 PM
this is a job for a job for a cowboy jobber

11/5/2013 4:42:34 PM
sadly will sell more then any Intronaut record.

11/5/2013 10:45:29 PM
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11/6/2013 3:13:51 AM
Look at JFAC's Last.fm stats. No one cares. 'Entombed of a Machine' has over 100 more plays in the last week than any other song. One hit wonders, how are they still going?

11/6/2013 10:19:33 AM

11/6/2013 12:16:01 PM
the only jfac album i would ever listen to

11/7/2013 12:12:58 AM
To me he is forever "Danny Walker from Uphill Battle".

But they get no mention in the former band list in the article.

11/8/2013 1:37:32 AM

11/9/2013 2:03:07 AM
Job For A Cowboy recruits Danny Brown for new LP

11/10/2013 2:52:04 PM
Uphill Battle influenced me on so many levels. Wish he was reuniting them instead of joining these retards for another pointless album.