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Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist cleared to tour

Thursday, July 11, 2013 7:48 AM PT

Recently sidelined with a broken wrist, The Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman has apparently recovered adequately enough to participate in the upcoming Summer Slaughter Tour. Weinman has issued the following update:

"When the Doctor told me I broke my wrist and that this particular bone doesn't typically heal my heart sunk. Our record had just come out and we were just getting started with its promotional cycle. I would not let this stop me. I immediately set up an appointment with the best hand surgeon in NY.

"I told him I had to play guitar again in a month. He said, 'ok' I'll put a screw in your wrist.' Two weeks after surgery they took my stitches and cast off and I started playing guitar again. Definitely not the most pleasant experience, but now I almost feel back to myself.

"I have to say that I have a new found appreciation for playing and I can't wait to see you all this summer. Now, back to my rehab."


7/11/2013 8:04:30 AM
Damn, I wanted them to get replaced by Hypocrisy. I will just have to see the rest of the metal line up.. wait.. next year I will see a traditional line up.. well, maybe not.. rest in peace, Summer Slaughter.

7/11/2013 11:44:28 AM
^ what does that even mean? idiot.

7/11/2013 12:35:22 PM
^ I don't agree with the guy, but I understood it, what's not to get?

Great to see Ben is back!!

7/11/2013 1:30:03 PM
Ben's dick is stoked

7/11/2013 2:12:44 PM
He hurt his wrist fap fap fapping to news of a new Sepultura album.

7/11/2013 7:04:04 PM
Ben's dick is stoked

THIS!!! ^^^^^^^^

7/12/2013 10:48:01 PM
Get well soon, Ben.