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Monuments part ways with singer

Monday, March 25, 2013 4:55 PM PT

London, UK band Monuments have announced the departure of frontman Matt Rose, who joined the band in late-2011. The group has issued the following statement:

"Due to differences with Matt Rose, he is no longer a part of Monuments. We are currently writing our second album and are hugely excited. Hold tight."


3/25/2013 4:59:08 PM
Matt - "hey guys, can we stop being such a horrible band"

3/25/2013 5:02:11 PM
Inb4 Elliot Coleman or Daniel Tompkins

3/25/2013 5:21:48 PM
He was kicked out because his vocals didn't sound like a busted diesel engine

3/25/2013 6:11:12 PM
fck offfffffff some awful band only the most pathetic LGers know.

3/25/2013 6:39:51 PM
Didnt this sagea join like 10 metaphorical days ago.

3/25/2013 7:30:24 PM
Why no mention of the new Limp Bizkit yet?
"What the fck is up? fck the world, bust a nut. This and that, such and such. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust."

3/25/2013 8:52:15 PM
wtf he was really good

3/25/2013 11:50:41 PM
not live tho, only on record

3/26/2013 3:17:10 AM
I heard from a good source that Mitch Lucker will be filling in temporarily.

3/26/2013 5:45:16 AM
Dude was shit. Hope they get somebody I like. :3

3/26/2013 7:33:42 AM
furthermore can we not say sagea on here?

3/26/2013 7:33:52 AM
I guess not..

3/26/2013 9:13:22 PM
I like when Josh Travis did vocals the best.