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Battlecross, Abiotic tour dates

Thursday, November 01, 2012 8:39 PM PT

Battlecross and Abiotic will team up for some December touring. Dates include:

12/8 Toledo, OH @ Frankie's
12/9 Plainfield, IL @ Live 59
12/11 Peoria, IL @ The Brass Rail
12/12 St. Paul, MN @ Stationm 4
12/13 Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews
12/14 St. Louis, MO @ Fubar
12/15 Little Rock, AR @ Downtown Music Hall
12/16 Memphis, TN @ Newby's
12/17 Richmond, VA @ Kingdom
12/18 Springfield, VA @ Empire
12/19 Pittsburgh, PA @ The Ironworks


11/1/2012 8:54:31 PM
no care

11/1/2012 10:17:51 PM
Battlecross is actually sick. One of the FEW newer emerging metal(core) bands that has major skill in riffing and overall instrumentation. Of course, if you always hated bands like Trivium or Lamb of God I doubt you would like this. People who hate metalcore will talk shit but this band is worth checking out. Will see them when they are in Southern California.

11/1/2012 10:31:22 PM
^^wishes he was cool enough to listen to Burn Idols, but hes not.

11/1/2012 10:37:33 PM
^^^is cooler because he listens to bands no one has heard of and hates on anything that could be associated with the word "metalcore" or any band that goes on tours with artists that chart

11/1/2012 11:36:34 PM
Yeah...but does it come with fries?

11/2/2012 5:54:58 AM
uhghhh why would they book this in pittsburgh the same day as malignancy and dying fetus ?

11/2/2012 9:24:54 AM
^^^^^ first post, that shit you just...i can tell it was written with a dick with creamy gooey asparagus c-m

11/2/2012 9:47:44 AM
Two bands no one outside of some midwest trailer park has ever heard of. Moving on..

11/2/2012 10:00:43 AM
^ please kill yourself. your dad keeps his razors in the medecine cabinet. down the street, not across.

11/2/2012 11:36:50 AM
The troops and people who support them are stoked.

11/2/2012 11:37:18 AM
Skullets are stoked.

11/2/2012 11:39:47 AM
Day laborers and tech school graduates are stoked.

11/2/2012 1:44:44 PM
pssy Lambgoat Metalheads are stoked

11/2/2012 2:35:55 PM
A lot of hostility cause people don't like two shit bands.

11/3/2012 10:48:22 AM
NO Michigan dates..... whats up with that? how do you not come to your home state... Fail

11/3/2012 3:58:36 PM
Lots of band members commenting here

12/9/2012 8:42:05 AM
both of these bands are actually pretty fckin sick. if they were shit I don't think METALBLADE would've signed them.
I toured with Abiotic and played multiple shows with Battlecross, both are humble, down to earth dudes with mad amounts of skill. fckin straight bill hat lambgoat pussies are stoked about talking shit, what else is new. sit behind your computer and talk shit while these guys go out and make it big.

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