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Gaza, Code Orange Kids, Full of Hell tour

Thursday, September 27, 2012 9:16 AM PT

Gaza, Code Orange Kids, and Full of Hell will team up for a U.S. tour this fall. Dates are as follows:

11/13 Denver, CO @ Aqualung
11/15 Chicago, IL @ Viaduct Theatre
11/16 Cleveland, OH @ Now That's Class
11/17 Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick Lounge
11/18 Buffalo, NY @ Funeral Home
11/19 Toronto, ON @ Hard Luck
11/20 Montreal, QC @ Katacombes
11/21 Worcester, MA @ The Palladium (Upstairs)
11/23 Philadelphia, PA @ Broad St Ministry
11/24 New York City, NY @ The Archeron
11/25 Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Art Space
11/26 Richmond, VA @ Kingdom
11/27 Charlotte, NC @ The Milestone Club
11/29 Tampa, FL @ Transitions Art Gallery
11/30 Pembroke Pines, FL @ The Talent Farm
12/1 Jacksonville, FL @ Phoenix Taproom
12/2 Birmingham, AL @ The Forge
12/4 Houston, TX @ Walter's
12/5 San Antonio, TX @ Korova
12/6 Dallas, TX @ Tapatio Studios
12/7 Oklahoma City, OK @ Conservatory
12/8 Albuqueque, NM @ Gasworks
12/9 Phoenix, AZ @ The Underground
12/12 San Francisco, CA @ Sub Mission Art Space
12/13 San Jose, CA @ The Beat Shop
12/14 Reno, NV @ Fort Ryland 2000


9/27/2012 9:31:56 AM
code orange kids are awful

9/27/2012 9:33:32 AM
Oh awesome, no Portland date. Really wanted to see Gaza and Full of Hell.

9/27/2012 9:59:25 AM
Gaza is great! - the other two will experience massive van failure on this trip.

9/27/2012 10:33:36 AM
jesus is stoked for this tour.

9/27/2012 11:05:51 AM
small venues are stoked

9/27/2012 11:59:32 AM
I'm stoked. 12/14

9/27/2012 12:33:47 PM
Ted Haggard is stoked. Awesome tour.

9/27/2012 12:46:29 PM
No Minneapolis???!!! ...sob...

9/27/2012 12:58:01 PM
If your going to this show, your going to have a bad time.

9/27/2012 1:09:28 PM
at least i can leave before gaza gets all overrated on me...

9/27/2012 1:32:51 PM
Fight me on 12/15 in Salt Lake.

9/27/2012 1:36:01 PM
cok suckssssssss. overated little grunge bunnies learn to play music you hippy turds

9/27/2012 1:58:25 PM
The new Walter's is stoked.

9/27/2012 2:08:52 PM
again, the NW, SNUBBED! ;P

9/27/2012 2:31:57 PM
Gaza was just in Portland in August. If you missed it suck it.

9/27/2012 2:59:34 PM
Yeah but that tour was with Eagle Twin and they were terrible

9/27/2012 2:59:41 PM
Check out this guy who only wants to see a band once.

9/27/2012 3:27:38 PM
"If your going to this show, your going to have a bad time."

If YOU'RE not going to this show YOU'RE probably a Rise Records fan.

9/27/2012 4:15:40 PM
^ Thinks Emmure plays more than two strings.

9/27/2012 4:16:05 PM
18 posts, and not a single utterance of "gay"? This place has gone soft like my dad.

9/27/2012 5:02:43 PM
Shut your hole gaygit.

9/27/2012 5:58:58 PM
no southern CA date? da fck

9/27/2012 8:51:26 PM
"Yeah but that tour was with Eagle Twin and they were terrible"

As opposed to Code Orange Kids who are???

9/28/2012 8:45:13 AM
full of hell is the only thing making me go...

9/28/2012 11:32:55 AM
Are you serious??Full Of Hell is the most hilarious shit I've ever seen. "Let's twitch around like a bunch dweebs." Listen to Cursed instead. They do it better.

9/28/2012 11:33:44 AM
*did it better.

9/28/2012 11:41:57 AM
Tour package of farts.

9/28/2012 12:26:51 PM
Full of Hell is Full of Shit. Dude spends more time wanging with his electronics than he does singing... 30-somethings living in their mother's bastufft are stoked for this...

9/28/2012 1:27:53 PM
no more shitty drives to detroit. ive seen GAZA 3 times anyway. New albums devastating as all fck though. Props.

9/28/2012 1:43:26 PM
no friggin WI dates? Are you kidding me... come on 11/14 Milwaukee

9/29/2012 6:49:58 AM
code orange kids. privileged little gays from a nocareever city. fck them. fck pittsburgh. gaza a+ though.

9/30/2012 5:32:41 PM
thanks for reminding me to drink my vitamin c, lambgoat.