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Camping With Animals (As Leaders) announced

Wednesday, September 19, 2012 1:58 PM PT

Official press release:

Music Masters Camps has announced Camping With Animals, a winter retreat with Animals As Leaders — Tosin Abasi, Javier Reyes and Matt Garstka, plus Evan Brewer, bassist from The Faceless — and other guests. All info can be found here.

The four-day instructional camp, which takes place January 2 to 6, 2013, at Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, New York, will include workshops, one-on-one instruction, seminars, gourmet meals, performances and other camp activities. All you need to do is sign up and get yourself to Big Indian.

"As a musician, I've benefited the most from demonstration," says Abasi, Animals As Leaders' guitarist. "I hope to create an environment for other aspiring musicians to do the same. I and the other instructors involved will be at your disposal to provide an opportunity for growth and inspiration. I believe that this is truly a unique group of players with highly individual approaches to their instruments together in one place at one time."

For more info about Camping With Animals, check out the two-minute video invitation from Abasi, below:


9/19/2012 2:11:17 PM
Can we make s'mores and tell scary stories?

9/19/2012 2:12:25 PM
High school kids just pitched a djent.

9/19/2012 2:30:19 PM
The name of a town is Big Indian? Ha!

9/19/2012 3:21:54 PM
I hope they are djentle with all the impressionable kids who will show up, asses in the air for the 9 string assfcking choruses.

9/19/2012 6:23:43 PM
In before some kid claims he was molested in the woods.

9/19/2012 6:40:51 PM
great idea and way to support youth

9/20/2012 10:04:57 AM
This is an organ harvesting scam.

9/20/2012 2:20:39 PM
I'll pass on the 12 hour Dream Theater wankfest.

9/21/2012 6:50:21 AM
Volumes is stoked!

9/28/2012 5:19:34 AM
This is an organ harvesting scam. <<<< lol at this. For serious this is a pretty cool idea though.