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Miasis to release CDep in January

Wednesday, October 16, 2002 9:31 AM PT

The upcoming release from Chicago's Miasis, with vocals from Sean Ingram of Coalesce, will out a little later than had been expected. Originally slated for release this Fall on Undecided Records, the "In And Out Of Weeks" CDep will now be out in January 2003. It should be worth the wait though, as the release will feature artwork from Aaron Turner, and a multimedia section with a live video, photos, and desktops. Listen to some of the Ingram material here, in addition to material they're currently working on with DJ Speedranch (Atomsmasher/Phantommasher) and a live instrumental track. The aforementioned song with DJ Speedranch has only been available on a pre-release two-track CD-R that was sold at a show earlier this year. However, they do have plans to complete more material for a release sometime in the near future.