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Century Media signs Vattnet Viskar

Wednesday, May 23, 2012 12:12 PM PT

Official press release:

Century Media Records is proud to announce the worldwide signing of Vattnet Viskar.

Hailing from the small town of Plaistow, New Hampshire, Vattnet Viskar is anything but small. Formed in the fall of 2010, the band has quickly risen amongst the ranks of US black metal acts.

Vattnet Viskar's brooding take on blackened atmospheric doom metal perfectly mirrors their organic approach to their craft. Following a well received two-song demo in 2011, they have released a self-titled EP, available at their Bandcamp page, that has been met with praise from both fans and the press alike.

Not content to keep their blackened-doom alchemy confined to the studio, however, they back it up with a thundering live performance. Having already shared the stage with such titans as Black Anvil, Inquisition, and Woods of Ypres, they have left their mark up and down the east coast with a seemingly endless string of shows-- and soon, Vattnet Viskar's name will spread across the rest of the country. A full US tour is already being planned for later this year.


5/23/2012 12:34:29 PM
solid band, this will hopefully make CM better.

5/23/2012 12:37:46 PM
^ no on both of those toughguy

5/23/2012 12:54:14 PM

5/23/2012 1:10:01 PM
i'm glad the downturn of the music industry hasn't affected CM at all. Still signing a band a week.

5/23/2012 2:06:33 PM
eh. they arent bad but nothing crazy. if dark funeral sucked maybe

5/23/2012 3:08:49 PM
sweet band. good signing. looking forward to their next release

5/23/2012 6:10:57 PM
can Vattnet Viskar get on this?

5/24/2012 5:32:44 AM
anything but small? fcking lame and fcking lame band

5/24/2012 6:27:08 AM
Pretty wierd that their name is in Swedish, but they hail from the UK.
"The water is whispering"

5/24/2012 7:33:21 AM
Since when is New Hampshire in the UK?

5/25/2012 12:27:58 AM
I might been drunk when i wrote it, thanks for noticing it though.

5/25/2012 3:37:33 AM
"Vattnet viskar" is swedish for "Whispering water. What a lame fcking name for a band.

5/25/2012 2:52:37 PM
dumb swedes...water cant talk.