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Bullet Tooth signs I, Omega

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 10:45 AM PT

Official press release:

Bullet Tooth is excited to announce the worldwide signing of I, Omega! Coming out of the Los Angeles area, I, Omega have been busy playing Southern California and writing songs for their upcoming EP entitled "The Ravenous" due out on Bullet Tooth this Spring. Blending technical melodic metal with bursts of progressive rock in the realm of Protest The Hero or Periphery, they will no doubt make their mark on the scene in 2012. Fans can watch their announcement video on YouTube (below) and listen to the song "Butcher" on their Facebook page.

Commenting on the signing, I, Omega vocalist Clay Nevels said, "Josh's genuine enthusiasm for our music and our vision for this release is a breath of fresh air in a stale/apathetic industry. We are confident in Bullet Tooth's ability to help us spread our music to all corners of the globe and we look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship between us and them."

Bassist Calvan Christ also commented, "I'm very excited to be working with the guy that brought us bands like Hopesfall, Poison The Well, Bleeding Through, and Throwdown. I can't wait to see where this will take I, Omega." while guitarist Ryan Cano said, "I feel very privileged to work with people who have brought me so much enjoyment and inspiration in past years through the bands they've put on the map. I feel blessed that they see something in us that they saw in all of those bands. I'm hoping for a long and mutually fruitful relationship with Bullet Tooth."


2/14/2012 10:52:01 AM
First. Gay.

2/14/2012 10:57:40 AM
Bassist Calvan Christ also commented,"I'm very excited to be working with the guy who brought us bands that were popular 10 years ago."

2/14/2012 11:02:57 AM
yea I, The Band Name was cool in 2008

2/14/2012 11:11:37 AM
Holy ripoff! This sounds so much like Protest The Hero I'd actually think it was them if you didn't tell me otherwise. Canadians are NOT stoked!

2/14/2012 11:13:19 AM
no one is stoked for this awful band

2/14/2012 11:13:40 AM
Bassist Calvan Christ also commented,"I'm very excited to be working with the guy who brought us bands like Crash Romeo."

2/14/2012 11:19:33 AM
This shit sucks!

2/14/2012 11:26:31 AM
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2/14/2012 11:26:43 AM
This band is amazing, you pretentious douchebags. Maybe you should listen to some of their actual songs before judging them based on their name and a few seconds of music on a promo video. I think they'd love to be compared to an amazing band like Protest, but to say it's a ripoff is ridiculous. Listen to "I Harlequin, Our Unfolding", and tell me it sounds like Protest the Hero...

2/14/2012 11:43:14 AM
Yes i agree, they are a super talented band, and to be compared with great bands is not a bad thing, to all the haters now, you will retract your statement soon.

2/14/2012 11:44:13 AM
These guys fckin rip! Lovin the sound! fck all these hesh haters. Probably don't like it because they actually sing and you can understand what the fck they are saying. Can't wait for this release!

2/14/2012 11:45:11 AM
I've had boners that were heavier than this band.

2/14/2012 11:48:06 AM
This is the soundtrack to me hatefcking

2/14/2012 11:48:47 AM
"Mutually fruitful relationship" Sounds fruity to me!

2/14/2012 11:59:59 AM
omega fatty acid flip

2/14/2012 12:41:56 PM
My boys getting signed!! These dudes on top of being some of the best dudes they are freak talented. Sea of Skies loves you dudes!!

2/14/2012 1:05:39 PM
I, Poopmega

2/14/2012 1:11:09 PM
did this band just send all their friends here to post anonymous praise about them? LOL

2/14/2012 1:23:53 PM
anonyomus posters are stoked

2/14/2012 1:30:20 PM
Sounds like sage rock to me.

2/14/2012 2:35:54 PM
Yeah they did ost something on their facebook about LG. Now the tens and tens of 13 year olds who dig them are going to help them save face...lol. IMO: good luck making a living off tshirt sales.

2/14/2012 2:36:45 PM
i, alreadyhateya

2/14/2012 2:40:36 PM
anonymous2 hours ago
omega fatty acid flip ....LOL

2/14/2012 4:26:25 PM
I wonder if Josh Grabelle will give them more than $1400 for an 'album budget' like he did for the last First Blood record.

2/14/2012 7:03:45 PM
" IMO: good luck making a living off tshirt sales"

is that any different than 99% of the bands that you listen to? honestly, almost none of these bands on any of these labels are making money of anything other than merch sales

2/15/2012 7:59:54 AM
Aaron Neville > Clay Nevels

2/15/2012 8:52:31 AM
I, Don't Care

2/15/2012 9:15:47 AM
Hey "anonymous"... the album advance for the last First Blood album was $5000, though, I'm not sure what that has to do with anything. But keep being ignorant. Thanks.

2/15/2012 11:01:05 AM
Hey "anonymous"... the album advance for the last First Blood album was $5000, though, I'm not sure what that has to do with anything. But keep being ignorant. Thanks.

BOOOM roasted!

2/15/2012 12:42:49 PM
lol at inside knowledge of album advances.


2/15/2012 10:20:35 PM
I would pay this band $10,000 to never play another note in their career. Odds are that is more than their entire record deal.

2/15/2012 10:42:27 PM
Wow, I mean on the real... this band just has a bunch of BTBAM riffing over some Djentgay bullshit. They seem like nice guys fwiw. This sound has nothing to do with any of the aforementioned Trustkill bands records that I used to send a money order to bumfck NJ to cop.

Times have a changed financially and culturally.

2/16/2012 8:49:55 AM
How many I,Bands does the world really need? Probably none.