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Sepultura, Death Angel, Krisiun tour

Sunday, January 29, 2012 7:11 AM PT

Sepultura, Death Angel, Krisiun, and Havok will be touring together in North America this spring. The following dates have surfaced thus far:

4/21 Joliet, IL @ Mojoes
4/25 Montreal, QC @ Club Soda
4/26 Albany, NY @ Bogie's


1/29/2012 10:11:03 AM
'Not Sepultura without Max' first post.

1/29/2012 10:33:48 AM
*listens to Chaos AD and places it back in the past where the band belongs* a band called havok, never seen a million bands with that name

1/29/2012 10:51:23 AM
I really wish Sepultura was still good. Then I would be psyched on this tour. The fact that they continue to exist amazes me.

1/29/2012 11:14:10 AM
havok is the shit. No rainbow.

1/29/2012 6:38:28 PM
looks like one hell of a 30th anneversary tour. depends are stoked

1/30/2012 6:11:55 AM
havok sucks. might go for the rest of the tour though.

1/30/2012 6:39:21 AM
Def Leppard should be on this.

1/30/2012 8:48:28 AM
Black frontmen are stoked

1/30/2012 12:20:58 PM
^ LOL god forbid's frontman is the fat version of sepultura's. wonder twin powers, activate

1/30/2012 1:14:10 PM
Holy crap @ this tour playing Bogies. That place holds what, like 200 people?

1/30/2012 4:14:47 PM
Will instead be seeing Soulfly when they come to the Machine Shop this spring. No Igor, but they play old Sepultura better than actual Sepultura

2/1/2012 5:35:11 AM
April 29 higher ground