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Converge begins recording new album

Monday, January 23, 2012 5:57 AM PT

Converge will commence tracking for their new album today. As has been the case for nearly all of their releases, recording will take place at Godcity in their hometown of Salem, Massachusetts, with Converge guitarist (and Godcity owner) Kurt Ballou running the show. A September release via Epitaph Records is expected (every Converge album released during the last 13 years has hit streets in September or October).


1/23/2012 6:03:44 AM

1/23/2012 6:04:01 AM
xander is stoked

1/23/2012 6:15:49 AM
Converge always runs the show.

Webby, can we please get some more fun Converge stats?

1/23/2012 6:20:40 AM
Obscure local sludge and doom bands who wants to open for a big venue are stoked

1/23/2012 6:33:29 AM
Ebay vinyl flippers are STOKED

1/23/2012 6:45:52 AM
fck you webster.

1/23/2012 6:48:06 AM
Rar rar rah vocals, splatter "artwork," and skulls are expected around September via Epitaph records.

1/23/2012 6:48:27 AM
Coffee shop hardcore nerds a stoked.

1/23/2012 6:54:06 AM
Converge, oh my God, Converge!

1/23/2012 7:04:42 AM
Jacob Bannon = worst vocalist ever

1/23/2012 7:07:28 AM
asking alexandria is stoked

1/23/2012 7:29:07 AM
Donald Duck is stoked

1/23/2012 7:32:14 AM
I am stoked.

1/23/2012 7:49:16 AM
Wait, Epitaph? What about Deathwish?

1/23/2012 8:32:22 AM
They're recording this time? Taking shits on wax seems to have been working well for them, why change the formula?

1/23/2012 9:46:31 AM
kids with too much time on their hands are stoked to write comments on articles like this

1/23/2012 9:54:08 AM
would love see them go back to the jane doe style.

1/23/2012 10:01:35 AM
i love converge but am sick to death of this era of their music. when forever comes crashing is their best record.

1/23/2012 10:21:07 AM
tell bannon to stop yelling and spitting at me

1/23/2012 10:33:36 AM
im fcking stoked, Everything about converge is flawless. Jacob Bannon is a man amongst men, and a moving writer/vocalist, if you aren't excited for a new converge release you should probably kill yourself.

1/23/2012 11:00:27 AM
impending doom is stoked

1/23/2012 11:17:03 AM
Want to see No Heroes part II! The last album was very mediocre.

1/23/2012 11:38:56 AM
I dunno about any of the other ones, but I'm pretty sure Converge is stoked.

1/23/2012 11:52:56 AM
Bearded men wearing cutoffs with a PBR in hand are stoked.

1/23/2012 12:11:27 PM
^^sure am! Converge can do no wrong besides breakup again.

1/23/2012 1:28:50 PM
goth sean is stoked

1/23/2012 1:32:38 PM
Axe to Fall is a great record. I would like to see When Forever Comes Crashing/Jane Doe/Poacher Diaries esque work here.

1/23/2012 1:40:20 PM
"skramz" kids are stoked

1/23/2012 2:36:24 PM
I am stoked

1/23/2012 3:40:36 PM
People who say they are stoked even though they only bought Jane Doe and listened to it to fit in for that awkard year after high school when a random guy that would steal his lunch money made fun of him for listening to Korn and told him to listen to real music like Converge and wanted a new crowd to fit in to erase the horrible experience of being a loser in highschool...........are stoked

1/23/2012 7:32:54 PM
Kids who pretend to sing along at shows are stoked.

1/23/2012 10:41:48 PM
Kids who wear flannel and girls jeans are beyond excited.

1/23/2012 11:30:00 PM
fck i got stoked all over my skinny jeans

1/23/2012 11:31:19 PM
guys who hate on lambgoat constantly are secretly stoked.

1/24/2012 12:21:30 AM
beyond stoked

1/24/2012 1:02:33 AM
Jane Doe, fck the World!!!

1/24/2012 2:35:12 AM
i hope this time they dont have any guest musicians and just rip it instead of playing wanky bullshit.

1/24/2012 9:17:26 AM
stoaked people stoaked.... stoaked

1/24/2012 11:35:04 AM
"Wait, Epitaph? What about Deathwish?"
This is their 4th album on Epitaph. They've released vinyl & reissued old stuff on Deathwish, but never been "on" Deathwish.

1/24/2012 2:29:56 PM
Jacob Bannon owns Deathwish you stupid gay fcks

1/24/2012 2:52:45 PM
every gay is stoked. break the fck up.

ps marriage is for sell out-chode smokers, hence the terrible vocals

1/24/2012 3:38:35 PM
lambgoat trolls are stoked to pretend like they are cool by making "__________ is/are stoked" comments.

1/24/2012 5:42:27 PM
hardcore kids in PA are stoked.

1/24/2012 8:28:54 PM
^^^^ point proven

1/26/2012 12:09:34 PM
Bannon must have not written this press release because it doesn't sound dramatic or self-serving.

2/12/2012 12:02:15 PM
Way to miss the point, mongoloid.