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Argonauts and Dimitri Minakakis part ways

Friday, January 20, 2012 4:17 PM PT

Argonauts has announced the departure of frontman Dimitri Minakakis. As you likely know, Minakakis was an original member of the Dillinger Escape Plan. Argonauts has issued the following:

Argonauts will be moving on without Dimitri. Scheduling is the issue here...Dimitri just could not commit his schedule fully to what the band needed. We're bummed, but it's a reality that came to light. That being said, Chris Alfano (East of the Wall) has stepped up to sing and we will be playing two NJ shows. Details to come.


1/20/2012 4:21:29 PM
First anonymous post about how he needs to go pay Cory Brandon while making sure emmure is on this skeet skeet skeet

1/20/2012 9:48:35 PM
chicken n' w 'n nekcihc

1/22/2012 12:26:36 AM
i'm pretty glad actually. his voice sounded like absolute shit in that live video.

1/22/2012 9:07:13 AM
I hate to say it but Dimitri seemed like the weakest link at their show in New Brunswick a few months ago. It would have been great to see him make a come back, but so it goes. Chris from EoftW should do a fine job though.

1/23/2012 5:17:16 AM
Dimitri Minic-ckis

1/23/2012 9:24:43 AM
Well, duh. He quit Dillinger Escape Plan because the dude can't/won't do extended touring. 2001 all over again. That said, I always liked his vocals.

1/23/2012 3:41:20 PM
Andy Milinakis is stoked