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Integrity announces new release

Wednesday, January 18, 2012 8:47 AM PT

Official press release:

Integrity has announced a new release on Baltimore's A389 Recordings. Titled 'Kingdom Of Heaven' (The Araca Sessions), this EP commemorates the 20th anniversary of the material Integrity recorded in 1992 with drummer David Nicholi Araca, prior to his untimely passing.

As a bonus, A389 will be offering a very limited edition flexi of an bonus cover song that Integrity track recorded with Araca during the same period.

Check out the Integrity track 'Kingdom Of Heaven' from the 'Kingdom Of Heaven' 7"/Digital coming 01/31/2012 on A389 Recordings:

Integrity will be co-headlining the A389 Recordings VIII Anniversary Bash this Saturday in Baltimore.


1/18/2012 8:51:30 AM
awesome news yay

1/18/2012 9:02:18 AM
Integity has always had the shittiest vocals. Both in content and in the way they sound. Seriously overrated band, fck this rhetoric. Hey integrity, be creative for once.

1/18/2012 9:06:50 AM
you're an idiot

1/18/2012 9:23:00 AM
*agrees with anonymous about anonymous*

1/18/2012 9:37:46 AM
I love Integrity. I do.

1/18/2012 9:51:07 AM
This record sounds so much like early fcked Up

1/18/2012 9:51:25 AM
This record sounds so much like early fcked Upd

1/18/2012 10:07:23 AM
Not liking Integrity makes you a fcking clown.

1/18/2012 10:19:02 AM
biggest merch band ever.

1/18/2012 10:29:38 AM
Hardcore posers are stoked

1/18/2012 10:35:07 AM
Rather be a clown than a hardcore hipster gay.

1/18/2012 10:35:41 AM
When asked about the group, Integrity frontman Dwid Hellion put it simply: "I accept their gift of frrrt."

1/18/2012 11:22:56 AM
I love dick. I do

1/18/2012 11:29:09 AM
Lord Ezec is not stoked

1/18/2012 11:45:35 AM
Desolated and Brutality Will Prevail are stoked

1/18/2012 11:50:20 AM
Scene kids all across America say "who?"

1/18/2012 12:22:32 PM
I thought Ezec murdered this entire band?

1/18/2012 12:57:41 PM
I care and will be picking this up in a few days.

1/18/2012 1:54:00 PM
anonymous3 hours ago
biggest merch band ever.

anonymous3 hours ago
Hardcore posers are stoked

truth. also, this song is awesome

1/18/2012 2:08:03 PM
one life crew is undecided but leaning towards not stoked

1/18/2012 2:15:33 PM
Integrity releases old material as "new" material, awesome.

1/18/2012 3:08:47 PM
Lol @ OLC. Wonder what Chubbie Fresh's fat ass is up to nowadays

1/18/2012 4:32:44 PM
This sounds like thin, weak crap. Way to go 1992.

1/18/2012 5:03:06 PM
stoked, realized LG comments comparable to Sim City news ticker.

1/18/2012 5:29:29 PM
Anybody who likes this band is literally a gay. This band is terrible and has always been terrible. No good songs. Ever.

1/18/2012 6:40:56 PM

1/19/2012 7:39:49 AM
brassknuckleromance I'll give you money to pick up one for me.

1/19/2012 12:23:03 PM
Why have deathcore gays in my area gotten into Integrity? Is in an attempt to seem legit or something? fcking gays.

1/20/2012 6:45:25 PM

1/20/2012 9:29:12 PM
the other anonymous posters must have big black c-cks shoved in their ears... because this shit kills. anyone who hates integrity and then posts ignorant shit about how integrity fans are gays can seriously go brush their teeth with a soldering iron.