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Facedown Fest 2012 announced

Thursday, January 12, 2012 6:34 AM PT

Official press release:

Facedown Records is excited to announce that Facedown Fest 2012 will take place on April 6 and 7 this year. We're doing things a little differently this year, splitting the nights at two different venues, and holding a Strike First night and a Facedown night.

We're also doing something special for ticket purchasers by creating some bundles to give you more bang for your buck. Tickets are available right now at www.facedownfest.com and feature bundles with a limited edition Facedown shirt and/or a cd of your choice. You get all that plus little-to-no ticketing fees, and free shipping for the cd and shirt bundles.

Full Facedown Fest 2012 line up:

Facedown Night - April 7 @ The Glasshouse:
War Of Ages
In The Midst Of Lions
xLooking Forwardx (first west coast show in 3 years!)
My Epic
Onward To Olympas
Your Memorial
Hope For The Dying
A Hope For Home
The Burial

Strike First Night - April 6 @ The Stronghold:
Letter To The Exiles
Nothing Til Blood
We The Gathered
Ark of The Covenant


1/12/2012 6:40:22 AM

1/12/2012 6:40:54 AM
Def Leppard should be on this.

1/12/2012 6:44:17 AM
No Plea For Purging?

1/12/2012 6:49:02 AM
weakest facedown fest yet.

1/12/2012 6:50:35 AM
Not that I care, becaise I hate christian mosh metal and every band on this fest (excepr looking forward), but you should probably say where the event is located (city and state)

1/12/2012 7:07:13 AM
Only the chosen ones know the city and state this is being held at. All others are sinners and can burn in hell.

1/12/2012 7:08:29 AM
Hollywood Undead and Buckcherry should be on this.

1/12/2012 7:12:31 AM
if you don't know where the Glasshouse is, you wouldn't be going anyway

1/12/2012 7:13:58 AM
xdeathstarx or no care

1/12/2012 7:23:45 AM
Tebowfest 2012.

1/12/2012 7:51:25 AM
lol i dont recognize anyone on their roster anymore. where's Figure Four, NIV, Symphony In Peril, Seventh Star, Falling Cycle....old as fuq...feelsbadman.exe

1/12/2012 7:54:42 AM
Is that why I dont know any of these bands on here? Because I dont go to church? This festival is completely gay and hates itself for it.

1/12/2012 7:57:03 AM
Cory Brandan will be there, selling shitty merch and holding a Norma Jean tip jar

1/12/2012 8:22:29 AM
Gideon=the t-ts.

1/12/2012 8:22:45 AM
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

1/12/2012 8:33:00 AM
I'd rather be facedown in AIDS-infested pssy than go to this gay-fest

1/12/2012 8:49:14 AM
Pillow Biting Fest

1/12/2012 9:20:00 AM
Facedown fest alright. Right now my face is down on my desk shaking my head at the thought of this gay crap

1/12/2012 9:34:27 AM
cannot explain how shitty this is. xlookingforwardx may be ok at best. not paying more that 5 for this show. facedown should give up.

1/12/2012 10:11:50 AM
who plays AFTER the burial?

(get it?)

1/12/2012 10:22:46 AM
lol at the band named Hands

1/12/2012 10:23:45 AM
Wish it were on the East coast! Good lineup.

1/12/2012 10:43:04 AM
2 hours ago
lol i dont recognize anyone on their roster anymore. where's Figure Four, NIV, Symphony In Peril, Seventh Star, Falling Cycle.

I thought the exact same thing. Seventh Star was the last band I cared about on that label.

1/12/2012 11:03:17 AM
xlookingfowardx should be head-lining this festival if anything.

1/12/2012 11:06:38 AM
Falling Cycle >>>>> all other facedown bands

1/12/2012 11:22:23 AM
XLooking ForwardX are good dudes - good for them getting on this. Hands is still one of the worst band names ever. Right up there with The Browning.

1/12/2012 11:33:07 AM
holy shit, this is bad

1/12/2012 12:45:12 PM
^^and along with "clinging to the trees of a forest fire" i bet they thought they were super artsy and clever for thinking of that one.

1/12/2012 1:12:08 PM
My Epic is the best band no one has ever heard of.

1/12/2012 1:37:21 PM
Ark of the Covenant yes! Good for them, I produced their new song "Fakes"

1/12/2012 2:18:17 PM
Nothing Til Blood and Gideon are good.

1/12/2012 2:55:22 PM
breakdown fest. i loved figure four and seventh star

1/12/2012 5:33:01 PM
i think impending doom is super stoked on this one.

1/12/2012 5:33:36 PM
also, fck all these gay bands. absolutely horrid show.

1/12/2012 5:55:13 PM
My Epic is great. But facedown has gone to shit.

1/12/2012 7:21:39 PM
Worst lineup in years.

1/12/2012 9:09:07 PM
emmure should be on this

1/13/2012 12:43:48 AM
I would go for the chance of a guest appearance by Shockwave or Point of Rec.

1/13/2012 9:35:22 AM
4/6 Chino, CA – The Stronghold ("Strike First Night")

4/7 Pomona, CA – The Glasshouse ("Facedown Night")

Your welcome f@gg0ts

1/13/2012 10:36:14 AM
UK Ark Of The Covenant > this whole fest

1/13/2012 5:57:53 PM
Sexually repressed, ultra violent gays with man crushes on Elgin James are stoked

1/13/2012 7:13:08 PM
Chick Fil-A catering... bands should be ecstatic.

1/13/2012 9:15:15 PM
didn't realize they still did this fest. less interesting than it ever was

1/16/2012 8:49:21 PM
shockwave or no care.

1/19/2012 12:16:14 PM
facedown getting fcked in the ass by some fcking gay