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Molotov Solution guitarist quits band

Thursday, January 05, 2012 10:59 AM PT

Official press release:

Blkheart Group recording artist, Molotov Solution, have announced that founding member/guitarist, Robbie Pina and the band have parted ways. Cody Jarvis, who appeared with the band during the recent national Unearth/Chimaira tour will now assume the guitarist role until a full-time replacement is announced.

The band has released the following statement:

"After recently taking some time off for personal reasons, Robbie has decided to step down. For now, we are calling on our friend Cody Jarvis to fill his place until we find a full time replacement. Anyone worried about musical material differences will not be disappointed, especially if you are a fan of Insurrection. Anyone worried about the future of the band, don't be; it has never held brighter things for us. Stay tuned for spring plans..."


1/5/2012 11:04:49 AM
First glad I don't have to worry about the future of the band.

1/5/2012 11:06:06 AM
wabbit season. duck season. quitting season

1/5/2012 11:10:18 AM
Never listened. Their name sounds like a late 90's wrestle-rock band.

1/5/2012 11:18:52 AM
Sounds like he made a positive life choice.

1/5/2012 11:19:15 AM
Robbie isn't a founding member. Cassidy and David were founding members.

1/5/2012 11:19:39 AM
I guess no one's New Year's resolution is "stay in my band."

1/5/2012 11:23:55 AM
Oh, he wanted to stay, he was kicked out.

1/5/2012 11:38:45 AM
" glad I don't have to worry about the future of the band. " I liked insurrection better anyways,

1/5/2012 11:58:55 AM
damnit, who will play the terrible fcking breakdowns now? oh wait...

1/5/2012 12:00:03 PM
watching this dude fap on twitter all day

1/5/2012 12:53:44 PM
Kudos to whoever made the "fap on twitter" comment. Win! Great dude, met him a few times.

1/5/2012 1:38:37 PM
anyone worried about the future of more shitty deathcore Xmoshbreakdowns don't be...

1/5/2012 2:09:53 PM
Break up already. Everyone else is doing it!

1/5/2012 2:55:43 PM
Robbie WAS the rock and spine of this band and now he and just about all original members are gone.
Now when is the singer going to quit?
It's pretty bad when a band needs to compare themselves to another band instead of being unique in their own right.

1/5/2012 3:00:42 PM
^ never met Robbie

1/5/2012 3:01:57 PM
^ there are NO original members of this band. Even when Robbie was in the band he wasn't an original member. Kyle. David. Cassidy. Matt and Justin are the original members. Dummy. fck you slut die.

1/5/2012 3:02:00 PM
Haha insurrection is the name of their new album n0000b!

1/5/2012 3:04:35 PM
I'm pretty sure Richie and Jake wrote MOST new stuff anyways, if they can get rid of Robbie and still make good music, I'm down, insurrection was a step in a better direction for this band musically. Vanflip.

1/5/2012 3:55:39 PM
Now who am I going to do coke with when they come to town?!?!

1/5/2012 5:29:49 PM
woah... he was as close to an original member as there possibly could be... this is weird. kind of his project at this point. shit turned into maneur after self titled.

1/5/2012 11:00:40 PM
shit is manure^ no care band sux

1/6/2012 1:25:07 AM
keep making good music.. insurrection, the album of 2011.

1/6/2012 9:08:16 AM
He was only weighing the band down! Get it? Cuz he's fat! Hahaha!

1/6/2012 9:43:48 PM
Its totally quitting season. Band members are dropping off like flies.

1/7/2012 5:43:56 PM
"I guess no one's New Year's resolution is 'stay in my band.'"

1/7/2012 8:22:47 PM
Life just isnt fair BONERZZZZZ

1/8/2012 2:19:50 PM
Saw it coming for sure

1/9/2012 2:17:59 PM
Dude is a fcking pile.

1/16/2012 2:02:20 PM
he got kicked out for using up too much of the merch money to buy cheeseburgers