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Agoraphobic Nosebleed releases free holiday EP

Tuesday, December 27, 2011 1:27 PM PT

Official press release:

Agoraphobic Nosebleed has released Make A Joyful Noise, their brand new holiday EP, as a free download for a limited time at this location. The EP, a return to form of the spastic cybergrind that made the band infamous, was originally released as a limited edition flexi-disc in issue #87 of Decibel Magazine. The issue is available for purchase here.


12/27/2011 1:50:26 PM
im immediately returning this gift

12/27/2011 2:27:27 PM
second gay post no care ever

12/27/2011 2:30:29 PM
costs 1 US Dollar

12/27/2011 2:32:27 PM

12/27/2011 7:34:00 PM
actually sounds more like more traditional grind than anything else I've heard from them.

12/27/2011 9:14:58 PM
agoragay nosegay releases free holiday ep into the tens of gay reares that like these gays

12/28/2011 6:01:58 AM
gay gay gay LOL!!! (racist idiots), how many more braincells do some Lambgoat readers have?? none HAHAHA!!!!!! Agoraphobic Nosebleed rip muthafckas!!!!

12/28/2011 6:28:32 AM
Let me guess...it sounds like every other song of theirs.

12/28/2011 6:52:32 AM
I heart your nads ANb!

12/28/2011 7:41:56 AM
dillinger1, how exactly is "gay" a racist term? numbskull.

12/28/2011 11:29:52 AM
I watched Jay Randall knock out this deaf dude in a bar in Springfield, this group of Ricans he was with literally took turns kicking the guy in the ass like a animal as he was trying to leave

12/28/2011 11:34:23 AM
You're absolutely right loydchristmas!! what was i thinking? I am sure if you walk right up ans gay to a gay or lesbian person am sure he/she will welcome you with open arms..lol dumbshit

12/28/2011 11:55:10 AM
Even if they are offended it isn't a question of race....gay.

12/28/2011 1:16:06 PM
Enjoy this Free Holiday EP being offered by Shane McLachlan

12/28/2011 1:28:53 PM
Yeah Shane McSkinheads White Pride Christmas

12/29/2011 5:50:43 AM
ugh...it disappoints me that people like you vote in this country, dillinger.

12/30/2011 6:25:10 AM
LOL actually I dont live in the US, so there. And i dont know why all the hostility?

12/30/2011 3:22:54 PM
racism has nothing to do with descrimination based on sexuality. Where ever you are from, your education system should be embarrassed

rac·ism (rszm)
1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

12/30/2011 4:54:51 PM
"In my country gays are a race of people. We also have lots of 'braincells'"

12/31/2011 5:47:31 AM
You cant read it appears either, refer to my comment above! Racism was removed, offensive was put in its place. and by the way these comments are directed to SOME lambgoat readers NOT ALL. Their are some readers who have some interesting things to say, then their are IDIOTS! who dumb themselves down by using such terms as "gay". Next thing you'll now the N word come right out, wouldnt put it pass some of the readers

12/31/2011 7:17:59 AM
Dillinger 1 - Props for standing up for what you believe. Seriously. The rest of you - Grow up. There are so many metalheads these days that can't think of a clever way to express themselves, so they just toss around homosexual slurs instead of simply saying, "I don't like this band." Jump on that bandwagon if you have to, but think first.

1/5/2012 9:29:09 AM
Will re-gift immediately.