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Dying Fetus recording new album

Friday, December 9, 2011 1:09 PM PT

Official press release:

John Gallagher, guitarist and vocalist of Dying Fetus, has announced that the group has entered the studio to record a new full-length album. The band will once again be working with long-time producer Steve Wright (Slipknot, Misery Index) at Wrightway Studios in Baltimore, MD.

Set to be released in mid 2012 through Relapse Records, the album will feature nine tracks and is a "return to roots" with production focused slightly more on slam than in the band's last few works. Thematically, the album is set to be a good old-fashioned piece of social and political commentary in the style of Dying Fetus as we have come to know. An official release date and album title will be announced shortly.

"The last album had some groove in it," stated John, "but [it] was basically a lot of tech; this one is a return to form of older Dying Fetus albums, so to speak - more modern production though, of course." "Everything's tight," John adds; "...the sound is crushing, the drums are amazing."

Additionally, Dying Fetus announced a series of special South American shows set to take place in mid-January. The band has also been confirmed for next year's prestigious Maryland Deathfest and France's Hellfest. Upcoming tour dates are as follows:

01/11 Buenos Aires, Argentina @ Asbury Bar
01/12 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil @ Underground Cultural
01/13 Recife, Brazil @ Burburinho Bar
01/14 São Paulo, Brazil @ Manifesto Bar
01/15 Santiago, Chile @ Club 334
01/17 Bogota, Colombia @ TBA
01/18 Armenia, Colombia @ TBA


12/9/2011 1:20:35 PM
kakakakakakakakak grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr kakakakakakak junjunjunjunjun

12/9/2011 1:21:26 PM
also, stoked on "slam"

12/9/2011 1:52:02 PM
first post. dying fetus the best deathcore band ever, better even than carnifex.

12/9/2011 2:19:13 PM
What are you talking about? Dying Fetus aren't deathcore. Idiot.

12/9/2011 2:23:31 PM
you moron, is the best deathcore band ever.

12/9/2011 2:33:14 PM
yeah. theyre not deathcore, lol.
who cares none of the less...
what i really care about is when is this beast going to be realeased!?

12/9/2011 2:42:48 PM
Mid knobs turned all the way down are stoked.

12/9/2011 2:48:09 PM
Daaaaaaaaamn, cant wait, SERIOUSLY.

12/9/2011 2:49:39 PM
Of course they are better than Carnifex, they aint shit compared to Dying Fetus

12/9/2011 3:26:01 PM
Seriously.. If you call Dying Fetus a deathcore band, than you still have to learn a lot! What a bunch of n00bs..

12/9/2011 3:32:07 PM
has this band sucked long enough to suddenly become cool again?

12/9/2011 4:54:41 PM
"a good old-fashioned piece of social and political commentary in the style of Dying Fetus as we have come to know" hahahaha yeah i changed my views on government while listening to blast beats

12/9/2011 7:27:33 PM
yeah pretty sure that guy was being sarcastic....

12/9/2011 8:51:03 PM
Deathcore? Is that the kind of music where the guys get shitty hand tattoos and beat 14 year old girls because no woman wants to fck a Hobbit man child with shellacked shoe polish hair?

12/9/2011 9:24:58 PM
no read, just fck everyone in here that doesn't post on the forum.

12/10/2011 7:23:44 AM
yeeeehaaaaaa i need a new album noooooow!!!! DF's riffs are like drug, you always want some more.

12/10/2011 9:19:37 AM
troll line

12/10/2011 1:32:19 PM
Impending Doom is not stoked.

12/11/2011 11:43:20 AM
Living Fetuss' are stoked

12/12/2011 1:30:31 PM
news-only anonymous posting needs to fcking stop