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In This Moment loses members to ex-Idol contestant

Saturday, November 12, 2011 1:28 PM PT

California metalcore/rock band In This Moment has announced the departures of guitarist Blake Bunzel and drummer Jeff Fabb, both of whom are now performing with former American Idol contestant and Wind-Up Records recording artist James Durbin.

In This Moment had the following to say: "We wish them the best in their future endeavors. We are embracing this change with open arms, and a renewed spirit. Sometimes you have to let go of what's in your hands to reach for something greater!"

Meanwhile, the band is currently writing material for their next album, tentatively slated for a summer 2012 release via Century Media Records.


11/12/2011 1:35:36 PM
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11/12/2011 1:46:32 PM
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11/12/2011 1:56:54 PM
Gotta pay the bills, y'all.

11/12/2011 2:43:11 PM
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11/12/2011 2:44:06 PM
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11/12/2011 2:48:52 PM

11/12/2011 3:10:38 PM
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11/12/2011 3:52:46 PM
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11/12/2011 4:47:51 PM
simon cowell is stoked.

11/12/2011 5:28:33 PM

11/13/2011 6:07:11 AM
Novelty band whose fanbase consists mostly of lame dudes who like to spend a little bit too much time lurking tattooed 'babes' on the internet.

11/13/2011 11:42:51 AM
butthurt fggts are butthurt. good for these dudes for putting their families well-being before "stayin tr00 bro". make that cash.

11/13/2011 2:24:03 PM
This is just as bad as Mark Castillo joining Crossfade.

11/13/2011 2:44:37 PM
It could be worse, they could have joined daughtry.

11/13/2011 9:09:23 PM
Dude c'mon...Daughtry is heavy.

11/14/2011 7:58:13 AM
Get that $eacrest cash.

11/14/2011 11:30:12 AM
In this moment, I'm laughing at the comments in this thread.

11/15/2011 11:45:59 AM
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11/15/2011 9:56:06 PM
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