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Gojira signs with Roadrunner Records

Monday, November 7, 2011 12:45 PM PT

Yesterday we posted that Gojira was in New York City recording a new full-length. We noted that the label handling the North American release was unknown. Well, this morning a perceptive Internet user pointed out to Metalsucks that Spin Recordings Studios recently posted a Facebook status update stating "Nov. 2011; Studio A: Gojira tracking with Josh Wilbur (co-producer/engineer) for upcoming Roadrunner release."

Well, that pretty much says it all. Gojira is currently at Spin Recordings Studios tracking their Roadrunner Records debut. Cool.

UPDATE: Roadrunner Records officially signs Gojira


11/7/2011 12:52:34 PM
Album will probably be awesome.

11/7/2011 12:54:09 PM
gonna be good, except that their name sounds like a soulfly song

11/7/2011 2:19:04 PM
Gojira's next record is called, In Memory of Dana. Roots, blood roots!!

11/7/2011 2:55:03 PM
nü metal