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Autopsy recording songs for upcoming collection

Tuesday, October 04, 2011 11:28 PM PT

Official press release:

California death metal pioneer, Autopsy, is gearing up to enter Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA later this month to record a few new tracks for an upcoming collection entitled, All Tomorrow's Funerals. The monstrous, 21-track release will contain remastered versions of all of Autopsy's EPs - everything from 'Retribution For The Dead' to the now sold out 'The Tomb Within' - as well as the new cuts.

All Tomorrow's Funerals will be presented on CD and vinyl with all original artworks, liner notes from the band and a killer new cover from Matt Cavotta.

"This is something the band has wanted to do for a long time, having all these chunks of material in one cohesive release, with the best sound and packaging possible," commented the band. "Autopsy will make every effort to make sure this death metal assault is top quality and worthy of your attention."

The release date for All Tomorrow's Funerals is tentatively set for March of 2012 on Peaceville Records.


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10/5/2011 12:20:59 AM
But when are they going to finish my grandpas autopsy? He's been lying on that gurney for years. :(

10/6/2011 4:32:57 PM