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Rite Of Passage/Mediaskare signs two bands

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 7:27 PM PT

Official press release:

Rite Of Passage Records has announced the signing of Riverside, California's Darasuum and Los Angeles' Deserters. Both bands will have new EP's dropping on 9/27 with "Bite Back" by Darasuum and "Fail Yourself" by Deserters.

Delivering upbeat and passionate hardcore Darasuum includes ex-members of XBound In Bloodx, xDeathstarX and The Great Comission and has been around since 2009. The group has toured with such bands as Stick To Your Guns and Sleeping Giant

Deserters also bring a melodic and aggressive edge influenced by Pantera and the Deftones to their metallic driven hardcore and include touring members of Suffokate in their ranks.

Rite Of Passage Records is an new imprint from Mediaskare Records and is a home for up and coming bands that the label feel excited about and who need a home to launch their national careers from without being exposed to too much too soon.


8/17/2011 7:47:18 PM

8/17/2011 7:53:21 PM
"without being exposed too much too soon." LOL! This label sucks soo much it can't do shit for their bands nor get them any good tours, so they use this lame excuse that seems like a plan haha.

8/18/2011 1:50:30 AM
danny du fronce is stoked

8/18/2011 9:54:27 AM
more horrible one word band names. just rename your band SHIT already

8/18/2011 10:13:52 AM
Darasuum is a good band. No care ever about the second band though

8/18/2011 11:05:19 AM
in a way its a good thing, so these bands can see first hand that they're not going to get rich and fck mad bishes and they'll hopefully quit early. im all for the training wheels label idea.

8/18/2011 3:40:14 PM
Daniel Defonce flip!