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Metal Blade Records signs Battlecross

Monday, May 02, 2011 7:17 PM PT

Official press release:

Metal Blade Records is pleased to announce the latest addition to its roster; Detroit Michigan's very own Battlecross. Incorporating many elements of extreme thrash, death and tech metal, creating a precise blend of fist pumping brutality, intensity, and drive, Battlecross satisfies both the technical metal snob and the knuckle-dragging metal jock alike.

"We are extremely honored to join such a respected label and humbled by their belief in our music. We're stoked to be part of a label that has a great roster of bands we all admire and respect!" says guitarist Tony Asta. Hiran Deraniyagala (guitarist) adds, "We understand the hard work and pavement pounding that is required of a Metal Blade band and we are going to work our asses' off to show the world what we're about."

"We have been keeping our eyes on Battlecross for some time now and watching the band grow into quite a beast. We feel confident that metalheads across the world will enjoy the ferocity and dedication that Battlecross will be bringing forth on their debut album as well as the stage," comments Kelli Malella of Metal Blade Records.

The band's Metal Blade debut is expected this summer followed by a grueling tour schedule that will bring a face melting thrash metal assault. Hide your pizza - hide your beer, because Battlecross wants it all!



5/2/2011 7:22:35 PM
1st comment or what ever

5/2/2011 7:25:44 PM
"hide your pizza.... hide your beer." Wow. How am I supposed to take a band serious after that?

5/2/2011 7:26:52 PM

5/2/2011 8:31:57 PM
"knuckle-dragging metal jock alike" ....what?

5/2/2011 8:38:33 PM
hide your dicks and hide your genital warts, because Battlecross wants it all!!!!!!!

5/2/2011 8:49:23 PM
i'm from michigan and i've never seen this band name once. Hide your pizza - hide your beer, because Battlecross wants it all! <---- it's called a rider, boys.

5/2/2011 9:36:47 PM
str8 outta 1990. awful

5/2/2011 10:30:03 PM
Saladtoss.. Battlesauce.. Cattletoss.. Battlefloss.. Crossflip-rat scat.. Skeet, scat rattletoss.. Saddleboss.. Penismoss.

5/2/2011 10:44:12 PM
Grats to them.

5/2/2011 10:58:01 PM
I'm from Michigan and I've known about this band for years. You must live under a fcking rock, Al.

5/3/2011 7:00:26 AM

5/3/2011 8:24:52 AM
i chuckled at "penismoss" lol. also great marketing, calling your fans and the people that may or may not buy your shit knuckle draggers

5/3/2011 8:35:58 AM
BattleMaster >

5/3/2011 10:14:58 AM

5/3/2011 10:23:25 AM

5/3/2011 10:26:41 AM
Macross >

5/3/2011 12:21:51 PM

5/3/2011 1:21:09 PM
Can't wait till rearfloss releases their debut CD "Men in Thongs" with the cover featuring Brian Slagel and Mike Faley in thongs

5/3/2011 1:53:21 PM
"the technical metal snob and the knuckle-dragging metal jock alike" not sure INSULTING your potential fanbase is the way to go guys.

5/3/2011 2:16:08 PM
^^"not sure INSULTING your potential fanbase is the way to go guys." Gotta lulz at the Lambgoat trolls telling a band to hold back on the insults. Perspective fail.

5/3/2011 2:22:22 PM
These comments are hilarious. It almost looks like one person keeps logging in under different names, like a strange obsession. Good luck

5/3/2011 5:21:59 PM
Highly technical musicianship with brutal, well written songs. I welcome their distinct blend of metal, as the current state of metal is bogged down by bands that all sound very similar. I've met them all and they are fun, easy going dudes.

5/3/2011 9:50:35 PM
I'm moving now.. out of the state of Michigan.. forever.

5/4/2011 2:45:28 AM
i'm from michigan and i've never seen this band name once.

5/4/2011 9:25:09 AM
^ That's cause the only MI bands you listen to are We Came As Romans and For The Fallen Dreams, ie, unless Hot Topic tweets about it, you don't care. fck off and crawl back into your Chiodos snuggie.

5/4/2011 12:52:17 PM
^^ Defending every post like a gay. It's Lambgoat... You think your opinion makes a difference? Perspective Fail

5/4/2011 12:53:02 PM
Also, "telling a band to hold back on the insults. Perspective fail." No one said for them to hold back the insults or whatever. They're simply stating that It's not very fckin' smart to post such statements and that's it, ya dumbass groupie.

5/4/2011 12:56:03 PM
Sure glad that Iran Mcgillcuty (guitarist) chimed in on that press release

5/4/2011 1:34:16 PM
GordonBombay, the mighty ducks sucked! haha I got you good!

5/4/2011 3:11:47 PM
^ Quack off!!!

5/4/2011 3:29:11 PM
There goes Impendingdouche again, insulting anyone who's not down with Chiodos and snuggies. I'm gonna butter up my Crocs™ and shove them in that suck hole of yours.

5/5/2011 12:54:29 AM
Hey, I made a profile today to promote my own shit band just like Assrapesheep and Prolifik. Check our profiles fcktards, we've been posting here for years, nobody's logging under multiple accounts just to pone your gay band. 'The fck otta here.

5/5/2011 9:42:00 AM
This band fcking sucks. I used to go see their shows a lot, but they can't draw a crownd even with their management and all their 10 people fan base telling all their friends. Their sound leaves no room for longjevity. Go back to the 90's!

5/5/2011 9:44:30 AM
They've been flooding the MI scene for way too many years. These guys are GONNA need ALL the luck they can get. Very funny indeed!

5/6/2011 7:47:21 PM
Hey Blinky! Or is it Twitch? Do you have turrets?

5/6/2011 9:01:56 PM
Where did the jerks who built this place put the bathrooms?!??!

5/7/2011 5:47:09 AM
HAHAHA assrapesheep why don't you stick to the original topic which is the music. It's a music website; NOT make-fun-of-a-neurological-disorder-that-many-pe
ople-are-born-with-through-no-fault of-their-own-website.

5/7/2011 5:47:41 AM
Didn't realize that you'd get so offended. You a band member? Manager? Either way, it just goes to show the type of character that's associated with this band.

5/9/2011 2:46:08 AM
i like turtles

5/9/2011 3:12:16 AM
A wise man once said "A prostitute with a degree in psychology will blow your mind"

5/9/2011 10:42:55 AM
one word ... vaginoplasty HAHAHAHA!!!

5/9/2011 12:14:19 PM
this band opens for bands in MI

5/9/2011 4:27:17 PM
From the MI, glad I live in California now. This dated, bland, shit was all over the place.

1/28/2013 12:12:42 AM

1/28/2013 12:15:58 AM
the singer looks and acts like the bearded lady at the carnival.