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Suicide Silence titles new album

Friday, April 08, 2011 9:23 PM PT

Official press release:

Suicide Silence took the metal world by storm last year with 'No Time To Bleed' becoming their best selling effort thus far and captivating fans across the US as one of the most lauded acts on the Vans Warped Tour. Now the band is aiming even higher and are currently mixing with Zeuss (Chimaira, Hatebreed) after completing the album recordings with producer Steve Evetts (Dillinger Escape Plan) on their third full-length offering. Suicide Silence is also excited to announce the album's title, 'The Black Crown.' Working titles for the album include "Fuck Everything", "Human Violence" and "Cancerous Skies."


4/8/2011 5:11:23 PM

4/8/2011 9:28:38 PM

4/8/2011 9:35:27 PM
sinister_nerd will be so stoked!

4/8/2011 9:54:40 PM
holy fcking fck i can't fcking wait. fck everything.

4/8/2011 10:17:28 PM
The Black c-ck

4/8/2011 10:29:24 PM

4/8/2011 10:47:08 PM

4/9/2011 4:14:42 AM
*bows head in shame* fck everything? really? fcking retarded.

4/9/2011 10:43:49 AM
they should just say "fck everything" and stop recording this album. probably gonna blow just as hard as the last one.

4/9/2011 4:24:30 PM
Here, have some "news."

4/9/2011 5:27:58 PM
Kids with foil print shirts and flat bills are stoked.

4/9/2011 8:07:56 PM
fck. looks like another shit album i'll hate.

4/10/2011 2:46:37 AM


4/10/2011 3:51:02 PM
Horseshit. All of it.

4/11/2011 1:57:32 AM
Hot Topic is stoked

4/11/2011 11:02:22 AM
your 15 yeard old neighbor is stoked to pre-order the "fck everything" huge print shirt that will come with the album.

4/11/2011 9:20:53 PM
This band still exists?

4/12/2011 4:15:50 AM
This not being front page news is hilarious...

4/12/2011 5:41:10 PM
All I remember was a shit storm titled "No Time To Bleed"

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