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Asking Alexandria banned In Nashville, TN

Friday, March 25, 2011 3:44 PM PT

Official press release:

The UK hard rock sensation, Asking Alexandria, have blazed a trail of debauchery across North America over the course of numerous tours and their touring lifestyle is now becoming infamous, which has been heralded by many mainstream publications. The group's reckless image proved to be too much for the conservative venue Rockettown in Nashville, TN who deemed the band "too controversial" and banned them from playing their venue.

This primarily Christian area hasn't been this riled up since the days of the antichrist Marilyn Manson's notorious run, but Asking Alexandria make no apologies as rock n' roll is supposed to be dangerous and exciting. They managed to move their headlining show to the Cannery Ballroom on April 12th and welcome all the haters to come and join the party.


3/25/2011 3:49:01 PM
Alight! I would be stoked if they got banned from the country.

3/25/2011 3:54:00 PM
how the fck is this band controversial?

3/25/2011 3:56:28 PM
next: asking alexandria sues soulseek gay candy kid band

3/25/2011 4:07:08 PM
Uk hard c-ck band banned in vagville tennesse

3/25/2011 4:13:31 PM
More states and cities should get in on this.

3/25/2011 4:15:40 PM
i like how these queers are using this as an opportunity to look badass when in reality they're just a bunch of scrawny scene geeks. what could they POSSIBLY have done that was so controversial

3/25/2011 4:15:41 PM
they got banned because nashville hates gays?

3/25/2011 4:16:13 PM
ask alexandria if they are gays and if they would stay away from america.

3/25/2011 4:17:27 PM
Tipper Gore is stoked

3/25/2011 4:23:50 PM
get banned from the world you fcking brit c-ck suckers

3/25/2011 4:35:01 PM
Who the fck is this band????

3/25/2011 4:40:12 PM
Get banned from playing music. Vanflip.

3/25/2011 4:41:04 PM
Sign this petition so us in Nashville don't have to go to church to go to a show because thanks to those gays they want to ban every band that's not christian. http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/rcktwn

3/25/2011 4:51:45 PM
HHH is stoked

3/25/2011 4:52:01 PM
Christ flip, hey Nashville your hockey team sucks.

3/25/2011 5:27:17 PM
i have played there before, if i can remember it is a church pretty much. i didn't like playing that kind of atmosphere being the heathen i am.

3/25/2011 5:36:46 PM
1 city is not enough. please ban them in all 50 states. vanflip

3/25/2011 5:45:15 PM
Yeah, they don't take too kindly to queers in Tennessee.

3/25/2011 5:52:21 PM
what? delete

3/25/2011 6:07:39 PM
chuga chuga chuga done done...not.

3/25/2011 7:15:39 PM
seriously, the people of nashville aren't as fcking retarded as i originally thought

3/25/2011 7:45:46 PM

3/25/2011 8:07:38 PM
every single one of these homosexual c*nts need to firstly stop playing music and then get the fck back to england and then throw themselves off the london bridge.

3/25/2011 8:10:00 PM
My wrinkly ball sack is more controversial than this band.

3/25/2011 8:45:50 PM
Wish they could get banned everywhere. But seriously Ive heard of other tours going to Rocketown who were not at all religious, dont know why these guys are singled out?

3/25/2011 8:50:29 PM
If it takes a christian conservative area to ban these garbage bands, then I hope Illinois turns into a red state real soon.

3/25/2011 8:57:42 PM
UK trash

3/25/2011 9:07:44 PM
Nothing controversial about this gay band. Get banned from the entire country, vanflipX10

3/25/2011 9:12:08 PM
Hard rock sensation.

3/25/2011 9:38:38 PM
They got singled out cause they thought they'd be awesome and try to cover up their sexual preference and refuse to play until they got 5 girls to throw their bras on stage.

3/25/2011 10:48:03 PM
gays and Lilypickers GTFO

3/25/2011 11:36:09 PM
Stay on your own side of the world jerks

3/26/2011 6:58:53 AM
Danza is stoked

3/26/2011 8:26:57 AM
The fact that this has been posted as news is a freaking joke. That venue has banned several bands from playing there this year. Way to give this crapfest of a band far more credit then they deserve LG.

3/26/2011 9:25:45 AM
after insane amounts of sodomy the christian church got pissed that it wasn't the priests doing the sodomy and kicked asking alexandria out of tn

3/26/2011 11:28:44 AM
1 state down 49 to go

3/26/2011 12:31:03 PM
Nashville has plenty of DIY spaces for legitimate non-gay bands to play without anybody ever related to church or the law finding out about them

3/26/2011 2:49:37 PM
rock n roll lol

3/26/2011 5:40:59 PM
wankers wanking wankers. They have to show who the real wankers are.

3/26/2011 5:47:02 PM
lol Hey wankers dont go to wankerville

3/26/2011 5:48:14 PM
They're fcking Wankers!!

3/26/2011 6:25:55 PM
ban them from living

3/26/2011 6:57:32 PM
mongoosemayhem <-- they are doing well right now, so suck it. Go preds.

3/26/2011 6:58:38 PM
But yeah LG, great job screwing up the facts. Venue is funded by private donors. Board of directors banned them, not the venue. Get it right. The venue doesn't care about lyrics.

3/26/2011 6:59:35 PM
They were a bunch of dicks anyways... asked 13 year old girls to throw their underwear on stage.

3/26/2011 7:18:42 PM
Bizzy Bone is stoked

3/26/2011 7:55:09 PM
yeah! get banned from other states too! am i unique yet? fckheads

3/26/2011 11:40:06 PM
my screamo band back in 2004 was banned from Rockettown. This isn't an achievement in the least. fcking pathetic 'news' bit

3/27/2011 11:01:30 AM
Rock 'n Roll yeah! gays.

3/27/2011 11:40:49 AM
Banned in the USA.

3/27/2011 12:35:45 PM
Where did you get this news? The...toilet store?! I hate all of you

3/27/2011 4:23:47 PM
holy fcking gay shit

3/27/2011 4:40:40 PM
Who? And also, who?

3/27/2011 9:10:19 PM
People in Nashville who aren't gays are stoked

3/27/2011 9:11:00 PM
(Nobody in Nashville is stoked)

3/27/2011 11:21:48 PM
"Welcome all the haters to come and join the party"

3/28/2011 10:23:00 AM
Asking Alexandria make no apologies as rock n' roll is supposed to be dangerous and exciting.

3/28/2011 10:35:07 AM
"But yeah LG, great job screwing up the facts." Uh that's an Official Press Release doucher.

3/28/2011 2:27:15 PM
Aren't they suppose to be Christian those fcking gays?

3/30/2011 7:45:43 AM
jesus is sad

3/30/2011 2:24:29 PM
The name of the band is "Asking Alexandria?" fck, these band names are getting ridiculous.

9/16/2012 7:21:57 AM
stupid christian -.-