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The Ghost Inside and drummer part ways

Thursday, February 24, 2011 11:58 AM PT

The Ghost Inside recently parted ways with drummer KC Stockbridge. Singer Jonathan Vigil had the following to say:

"Losing an original member is a total bummer to any band. Unfortunately, The Ghost Inside and drummer KC Stockbridge have mutually decided to part ways. KC needed some time off of a European tour to sort some things out at home, and when we went out on tour again, it wasn't the same for either parties. We all talked and decided that it was better if we continued on without him. There are absolutely no hard feelings, and we wish KC the best of luck in whatever the future holds for him."

Former For The Fallen Dreams drummer Andrew Tkaczyk has been filling in as-of-late. "It's no secret that Andrew is an awesome drummer. When we found out that he quit For The Fallen Dreams, we called him to see if he'd be interested in filling in for us and here he is," added Vigil. "I honestly can't think of a more perfect drummer to be playing with us. Andrew is a solid dude and his style fits exactly with The Ghost Inside."


2/24/2011 12:00:51 PM
shit band no care inb4 first

2/24/2011 12:01:25 PM
First! I've never heard of this band, but I just wanted a "first" post.

2/24/2011 12:02:16 PM
...damn. At least I tried.

2/24/2011 12:02:27 PM
^^ ha fail. you didn't even get the first post. I'm so glad Andrew left FTFD. Dylan Richter is on self-destruct. TGI is fcking great. Good news.

2/24/2011 12:03:12 PM
i am a stupid butthole and i like the way my butt smells

2/24/2011 12:05:18 PM
^^I knew it...

2/24/2011 12:06:57 PM
Good news. Seeing them in a couple weeks

2/24/2011 12:11:00 PM
ur all moshin

2/24/2011 12:15:23 PM
KC stockbridge? thats gotta be a fake name

2/24/2011 12:25:11 PM
what an idiot. ghost inside is straight ill

2/24/2011 12:33:52 PM
i like these guys

2/24/2011 12:34:07 PM
Well I'm bummed. And virus_dot_exe has herpes on his rear.

2/24/2011 12:49:44 PM
Weird, I was just fantasizing about this today!

2/24/2011 12:52:56 PM
fifteenth. good news

2/24/2011 12:57:56 PM
saw them last weekend, and knew this already. andrew ripped it with them, better off with tgi than ftfd cause at least they can keep core members

2/24/2011 1:00:08 PM
god damnit we're seriously at the point where all these ex band dweebs could start a 50-piece chorus ensemble. christ.

2/24/2011 1:26:46 PM
seeing them tonight with Parkway, hopefully they are as good as the last time i saw them

2/24/2011 2:10:19 PM
KC Stockbridge moves out of mothers house to become an adult. More at 10..

2/24/2011 2:17:41 PM
good replacement

2/24/2011 2:45:00 PM
NEver was into this band but they were cool foos. KC was coo.

2/24/2011 4:07:51 PM
the ghost inside is fcking dope you ignorant fcks

2/24/2011 4:31:54 PM
It's not like most kids will tell the difference, mosh warriors only see the floor and kids around em.

2/24/2011 4:34:40 PM
the dick inside.

2/24/2011 5:05:22 PM
sucks, he was a great drummer.

2/24/2011 7:05:31 PM
and by ghost they mean penis right?

2/24/2011 7:12:04 PM
for the fallen dreams > the ghost inside

2/24/2011 8:06:02 PM
Too cool for school attitude.

2/24/2011 9:15:36 PM
oh no whatever shall we do

2/24/2011 10:48:57 PM

2/26/2011 2:13:48 PM
they shoulda gotten rid of that ugly ass ginger guitarist instead

2/27/2011 2:49:07 AM
stoked. he's going to be a great fit for that band.

2/28/2011 5:36:57 PM
Not sure how I feel about this yet.

3/2/2011 2:01:23 PM

4/11/2011 2:43:20 PM
KC was a great drummer for a great band. It's always unfortunate hearing about an orignal member leaving. I'm glad I got to hang out with him before he left!

5/18/2011 1:43:35 PM