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Good Fight to release In Flames back-catalog

Wednesday, November 17, 2010 4:45 PM PT

Official press release:

Good Fight Music are pleased to be the new North American label home for the classic In Flames catalog, starting with The Jester Race through Soundtrack To Your Escape. These titles, which until now have been unavailable in the marketplace, will be back on music retailer's shelves and available at digital stores (e.g. iTunes) starting on Monday, November 22nd, 2010. This new venture will once again reunite the band with the team that released and marketed their biggest commercial success in the United States - Come Clarity. It was Good Fight's current team at the helm of Ferret Music when Come Clarity was released in 2006. The album became a benchmark in their career and further cemented the band's lofty place in the ranks of heavy metal's elite.

In Flames have cemented their iconic status as one of the preeminent heavy metal bands throughout the world. They pioneered a signature sound that forged extreme metal with melody and powerful hooks. Their prolific writing and continual global touring has amassed countless fans and worldwide album sales of over 2.5 million. Starting Monday, November 22nd, just in time for the holiday rush, the North American metal community can once again lay claim to their all time favorite In Flames albums:


11/17/2010 4:48:30 PM
first meh

11/17/2010 4:48:59 PM
Is Tony Victory doing this for them? Hey The Panthers / Ravens game is Sunday. get at me gays.

11/17/2010 7:01:05 PM
Unavailable in the marketplace? Really? I bought all of their albums in the United States so someone has their information fcked up

11/17/2010 7:02:17 PM
panthers suck, ravens will probably win. good fight is new and progressing more and more at a decent pace

11/18/2010 8:25:30 AM
"These titles, which until now have been unavailable in the marketplace," <--yea i've bought all their shit in the states with little to no effort, some intern got their shit mixed up. oh and Ravens are gonna womp. Carolina dont stand a chance.

11/18/2010 2:10:49 PM
Ummmm.....didn't Nuclear Blast re-issue all of those LAST YEAR????? The shelve slots have been full at MY record store. I call shenanigans.

11/24/2010 11:41:47 AM
in flames are probably the worst metal band in the past decade. no one cares about shitty re-issues, the first ones were turrible enuff

11/25/2010 4:28:58 PM
is normal, the only good things of in flames are in back-catalogue. please break up and stop making horrible numetal.