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Emmure singer launches label, signs Monsters

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 9:44 PM PT

Some months ago we reported that Emmure frontman Frankie Palmeri was launching a new record label titled False Prophet Records. Well, said label has apparently launched as Chicago, IL hardcore/death metal band Monsters will release their self-titled debut through the label on January 11th. Nothing official relative to False Prophet has been disclosed thus far, but you can check out Monsters online here.


11/16/2010 9:46:11 PM
This album is tight.

11/16/2010 9:48:31 PM
label flip

11/16/2010 9:48:39 PM
sick nu metal bro, poster above me is a gay

11/16/2010 9:49:40 PM
i love lamp?

11/16/2010 9:57:12 PM
Best of luck Frankie

11/16/2010 10:02:07 PM
this is just fantastic

11/16/2010 10:02:22 PM
Bile_Driver 11/16/2010 9:49:40 PM i love lamp?

11/16/2010 10:16:07 PM
Emmure is fcking shit. Frankie Palmeri is a peice of shit talentless jerk. fck this

11/16/2010 10:24:44 PM
Good band. Shit label

11/16/2010 10:28:45 PM
no care ever

11/16/2010 10:29:30 PM
frrrrt profrrrt recordss

11/16/2010 10:38:12 PM
gay starts a gay label and signs a bunch of gays. worst pile of shit music ever

11/16/2010 10:39:06 PM
i hope running this shit label keeps Emmure from touring and making shit music

11/16/2010 10:54:54 PM
i saw monster last week, pretty much an emmure clone. no surprise here.

11/16/2010 11:06:09 PM
Just.. Gross.

11/16/2010 11:34:32 PM
errbody know i'm a motherfcking gay

11/16/2010 11:38:05 PM
lots of promising stuff to follow im sure. how can this fail?

11/16/2010 11:42:41 PM
Is this an emmure side project?!

11/16/2010 11:52:40 PM
"the outfit is apparently being run out of Sumerian Records' offices, whatever that means." means he's a fcking tool. frankieflip.

11/17/2010 12:22:35 AM
dude, this is seriously just nu metal. What the fck is going on.

11/17/2010 12:40:42 AM
monsters is an awful band. emmure sucks. the band that frankie starts will suck also. threadflip.

11/17/2010 2:27:13 AM
impending doom is in all likelihood stoked

11/17/2010 2:46:08 AM
Stoked for Frankie to go WAY into debt

11/17/2010 2:56:09 AM
well Monsters wanted to be the acacia strain for a while now they are shit. well dont get me wrong they have always been shit. but Emmure is even more shit which means Frankie is also shit

11/17/2010 3:04:10 AM
frankie needs to get dimebagged, seriously.

11/17/2010 4:01:43 AM
frankie eats another cheeseburger...

11/17/2010 4:13:00 AM
genre flip

11/17/2010 4:25:36 AM
That album comes out on my birthday. I should get some of the prophets.

11/17/2010 5:28:38 AM
the only word that comes to mind is gayRY.

11/17/2010 7:26:37 AM
MONSTERS is an even worse band that emmure if that's even possible and the singer is a total douchebag. I am from Chicago and I make it a point to be late to shows if Monsters is playing.

11/17/2010 8:15:36 AM
nooooo this cant be happening

11/17/2010 9:37:23 AM
Cool, no one likes Emmure, but why people actually get angry because of shit news like this is beyond me....fcking pathetic humans.....message board gay flip

11/17/2010 9:45:15 AM
More shitty bands for Jon Blake to tour with and delay a probably never coming On Broken Wings record.

11/17/2010 11:21:26 AM
Retailers of fine flat-brimmed hats are stoked.

11/17/2010 11:33:44 AM
cash cash cash cash! money money money money! i doubt they care what their music sounds like

11/17/2010 11:37:44 AM
Ahhhh Real "intsert dumb band name here"

11/17/2010 11:48:08 AM
trying to be slipknot. I wonder when the label will make them wear masks. Nu metal flip

11/17/2010 11:53:13 AM
gaygy shit

11/17/2010 12:04:04 PM
I thought nu metal was over a long time ago, whats with these bands trying to bring it back like its cool or something

11/17/2010 12:21:35 PM
Does any one want Frankie and Vincent to fight again and then ask each other what their dicks taste like? I do. gay flip. Also, the Ravens play the Panthers this Sunday....

11/17/2010 12:41:57 PM
aliens are stoked.

11/17/2010 12:51:07 PM
fcking terrible. This recording is fcking awful. vanflip. recordingflip.

11/17/2010 12:56:40 PM
xmusicislifex 11/17/2010 9:37:23 AM:..{Because this shit band and shit people like Frankie Parmesan over here are the fcking gential warts on the heavy music scene today. Sumerian needs to eat a c-ck too}

11/17/2010 1:45:54 PM
@terrencemaddox < how does that effect what you listen to or the bands you like? If you are in a band this has no effect on you. Top 40/pop is a bigger "wart" on the heavy music scene than Emmure, period. No care ever, YES. Anger, No.

11/17/2010 1:47:10 PM
and Veil of Maya and Circle of Contempt are legit, fck their label

11/17/2010 1:53:10 PM
stoked that good dudes like frankie are getting involved in the bizzz. stoked for heavy music!

11/17/2010 2:14:36 PM
ehh wow their new song is worse then the old stuff.I have to say that these guys are awful live.

11/17/2010 3:10:51 PM
there has been successful life flips in the past, lets see if lambgoat can pull off another one with everyone mentioned in this news clip.

11/17/2010 3:42:31 PM
gays spelled "IRREVERSIBLE" wrong. shit band, shit label, everyone involved is shit. die.

11/17/2010 4:20:47 PM
frank has ADD...WHAT HAPPENED TO COLD SOUL CLOTHING AND TRUEVISION MANAGEMENT? my man cant stay on one thing for more then a few months. destined to fail with shit bands like monsters on it.

11/17/2010 4:45:13 PM
Amazingly nobody has said "emmure should be on thie"

11/17/2010 5:31:17 PM
Can't listen to any of the music but I can buy a pre-order package. I gots to have that poster.

11/17/2010 5:49:05 PM
Emmure should be on this.

11/17/2010 6:25:24 PM
Jason from Sumerian finally thinks he truly hardcore.......he's not! fck every name in this post just FLOP already! All of you!

11/17/2010 6:37:01 PM
Frankie rides pole

11/17/2010 7:41:19 PM
new Monsters track is total toontracks midi drums LOLZZ!!! music FAIL.

11/17/2010 9:36:49 PM
I/AAAAAAAAACw/ymLMgNbGx24/s320/SJ1.jpg Monstars? What?

11/18/2010 7:36:59 AM
Does anyone else think this sounds a lot like Slipknot? Just saying.

11/18/2010 8:31:15 AM
sofakingcool 11/17/2010 11:37:44 AM Ahhhh Real "intsert dumb band name here" <---YES

11/18/2010 12:22:52 PM
Wow, this is going to be horrible.

11/18/2010 5:20:56 PM
No shits will be given.

11/19/2010 2:00:07 AM
shit band and shit label. way to start things off!

11/19/2010 2:45:02 AM
xmusicislifex: "Top 40/pop" > frankieParmesan/sumerian

11/19/2010 3:12:32 PM
not a good a band to be the face of a new label.

11/19/2010 7:27:13 PM
blankz 11/17/2010 1:53:10 PM stoked that good dudes like frankie are getting involved in the bizzz. stoked for heavy music! fck this gay

11/19/2010 9:54:26 PM
XmusicislifeX forgot that it's THE fckING INTERNET

11/20/2010 10:05:05 AM
i was on facebook and saw some kid comment on his post saying good job and asked where they recorded, he didnt say thanks and said justin from after the burial, and that they're doing the entire cd with him.

11/29/2010 1:12:51 PM
xthizzelle_washingtonx i hope running this shit label keeps Emmure from touring and making shit music....im with ya on that

8/1/2012 9:54:57 PM
Biggest jerks ever. Thank Satan they broke up. There all scum