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Rotten Sound prepares new album

Wednesday, August 18, 2010 10:57 AM PT

Finnish grind outfit Rotten Sound is currently working on their next full-length, tentatively titled "Cursed." The effort will be mixed by Nico Elgstrand (Entombed, Gorgoroth) and is expected to hit stores in early-2011 via Relapse Records.


8/18/2010 11:04:08 AM

8/18/2010 11:06:46 AM
Very cool. Still have to pick up the Napalm vinyl though.

8/18/2010 11:08:57 AM
Great news.

8/18/2010 11:09:52 AM
fck yes I just picked up their older ep Psychotic Veterinarian love this band.

8/18/2010 11:26:29 AM

8/18/2010 11:36:16 AM
"Cursed." <---pretty incisive title guys.

8/18/2010 11:40:06 AM
No shit? Glad to hear this, That Napalm EP was fckin awesome. I await this next offering with a giant boner. 8=======D

8/18/2010 1:04:58 PM
the band names fits perfectly

8/18/2010 1:13:35 PM
Ion Dissonance - Cursed out 8/24/10

8/18/2010 1:48:41 PM
band is too good.

8/18/2010 2:44:17 PM
fcking sick news.

8/18/2010 4:02:13 PM
xmusicislifex 8/18/2010 1:04:58 PM the band names fits perfectly finally something we agree on.

8/18/2010 4:11:13 PM
i will wait for face-melting grind. DO IT.

8/18/2010 6:35:42 PM
wait what? lambgoaters are stoked? i think i felt hell freezing over.

8/18/2010 8:22:36 PM
So stooked on this, I still can't get over cycles..

8/18/2010 9:37:35 PM

8/19/2010 12:04:43 PM
never a bad thing.

8/19/2010 12:23:21 PM
Obviously someone has hacked into LG. All positive comments not posible here. The band is pretty good, though

8/19/2010 2:55:15 PM
I like this band and will purchase this album.

8/19/2010 3:50:32 PM
Hopefully they pick a different name for the album... will buy regardless.

8/21/2010 5:16:28 AM
awesome band. very stoked

8/21/2010 7:38:00 PM
band is too good. will most likely purchase.