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Century Media Records signs Tesseract

Monday, July 26, 2010 12:58 PM PT

UK progressive metal outfit Tesseract has officially signed a worldwide deal with Century Media Records. Formed in 2003, the group will likely release their new album, titled "One," this winter.

Tesseract comments: "Tesseract is very excited to be working with Century Media. We have been looking for a long time and have spoken to many companies but feel that the hard work ethic and enthusiasm that Century Media showed will help take us to the next level and will see Tesseract emerge from the underground and on to the international scene."

You can check out the band online here.


7/26/2010 1:04:30 PM
First post and good move Century.

7/26/2010 1:07:42 PM
awesome band, finally they can release something, been waiting forever

7/26/2010 1:09:26 PM
pretty sick.

7/26/2010 1:15:51 PM
finally a good signing on that label

7/26/2010 1:21:56 PM

7/26/2010 1:46:21 PM
this could be interesting

7/26/2010 1:58:03 PM
you know how labels are always like "ahhh i was so shitfaced last night! i shouldn't have signed that band!" WE COULD BE THAT MISTAKE!

7/26/2010 2:13:05 PM
Great band, But too many band's sound like them now.

7/26/2010 2:36:59 PM

7/26/2010 2:47:26 PM
been jamming these dudes for a while, good band.

7/26/2010 4:15:17 PM
Sounds exactly like Periphery.

7/26/2010 4:16:54 PM
Tesseract > Periphery

7/26/2010 4:38:20 PM
Atleast they don't rap like that gays other band. fck Djent. Listen to Cloudkicker.

7/26/2010 4:48:14 PM
i am disgusted. not br00tal enough. listgen to a real mans band!

7/26/2010 5:20:08 PM
snooze fest

7/26/2010 6:07:31 PM
damn limeys copying periphery

7/26/2010 7:10:04 PM
fck yeah. Finally a legendary label doesn't sign a shit band. Tesseract will rule. Can't wait for a US tour.

7/26/2010 10:41:45 PM
why even have press releases at this point? just c&p previous signings

7/26/2010 11:21:38 PM
Great band but WINTER? Does this mean not until January/Feb?!!! This is a year after when it was supposed to be released!!! I sure hope they meant Late Summer/ Early Fall

7/27/2010 7:09:09 PM
This is actually good. I will buy.

7/28/2010 4:51:25 AM
xallheartx 7/26/2010 6:07:31 PM - damn limeys copying periphery ... Periphery is circa 2005, Tesseract is circa 2003. So who's REALLY copying who?