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Metal Blade signs Across The Sun

Monday, July 12, 2010 10:01 PM PT

Official press release:

Portland, Oregon melodic metal act, Across The Sun, has signed with Metal Blade Records. Across The Sun has spent the last four years touring across the US and promoting their three EPs: This War (2006), Storms Weathered (2008), and their most recent effort, Pestilence and Rapture (2009), which was released via indie label, Authentik Ink.

Across The Sun vocalist Brandon Davis comments: "We are beyond ecstatic to be signing with Metal Blade Records! They are coming up on 30 years as the best metal label on the planet, and we are honored to now be a part of that history. This really is a dream come true for us, as we have made this band our lives' work. It's so amazing seeing our hard work and dedication culminate with this once in a lifetime opportunity, we are truly blessed. Our upcoming tour promises to be a great time every single night, we hope to see you all at a show this summer and beyond!"

Drummer Alan Ashcraft adds: "Metal Blade is a great fit for us, because their familiarity with metal music is unrivaled. Across The Sun is at its strongest, and is capable of anything. With such a great label behind us, we're confident that metal fans will have some amazing things to look forward to."

Across The Sun has built a dedicated underground fan base through hundreds of shows and plain old hard work. That work continues this summer as the band hits the road once again with Throw The Fight, Gwen Stacy, and more, as well playing Transmission Festival with August Burns Red, Vanna, Living Sacrifice, etc. on August 6th and 7th. Their full schedule is on their Myspace page.

Metal Blade president Mike Faley comments: "'Heavy, Melodic, Brutal, Dynamic' are only a few ways to describe Across The Sun. With recording set for this year and touring next year, Across The Sun will be a band that demands your attention."


7/12/2010 10:04:39 PM
first post and no care ever.

7/12/2010 10:22:21 PM
second. and i second that notion sir ^^^

7/12/2010 10:31:12 PM
I live in Portland. Having witnessed this band on multiple occasions, this news is fcking laughable at best. WTF is Metal Blade thinking?

7/12/2010 10:32:30 PM
Alan was my friend as well as the rest of the band back when I was living in Portland. Congrats on getting signed guys, I seriously knew that you would make it.

7/12/2010 10:54:26 PM
Mike Faley has shit in his fcking ears if he thinks this band should've been signed. fcking gay failure shit band

7/12/2010 11:13:42 PM
literally THE worst band ever. not just saying this because they have a lambgoat post. i sincerely think this band is absolutely terrible. this is stupid

7/13/2010 1:02:48 AM
xmusicislifex is stoked

7/13/2010 1:45:42 AM
what the fck is this bullshit? has anyone ever heard of 98% of any of these bands that are on the news page?? by the way, this band is soooooo fcking horrible. jesus fcking christ almighty.

7/13/2010 2:27:05 AM
I'm going to kill myself... Motherfck this.

7/13/2010 2:52:18 AM
talented band just not really into them

7/13/2010 4:12:35 AM
i can't stop laughing at the singing

7/13/2010 4:57:27 AM
You're tearing me apart Lisa!!!!

7/13/2010 5:19:42 AM
did killswitch engage approve of this fail plagirism?

7/13/2010 8:32:19 AM
dont even know who this band is, therefore; not stoked

7/13/2010 9:02:37 AM
when i hear the clean vocals i think of warnerve reaching for the sun and then pulling it down to his heart

7/13/2010 9:25:12 AM
good job mark bubb

7/13/2010 9:41:33 AM
warnerve wrote across the sun on his dck then tried to suck it

7/13/2010 10:26:26 AM
Mike Faley, my friend Harry and I would like to buy you guys a rounda beers. Just to you know, bury the hatchet.

7/13/2010 11:13:21 AM
^ Put them on Sea Bass' account

7/13/2010 2:55:09 PM

7/13/2010 3:06:55 PM
They've been touring for 4 years....and I still have never heard of them until now. fail.

7/13/2010 11:50:39 PM

8/3/2010 12:20:39 AM
managed band 2007-2008 ... they're a band that never made any excuses and really understood what was going on in the music industry. I'm very proud of Across The Sun ... cmw