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KEN mode announces new album, tour

Tuesday, April 6, 2010 1:18 PM PT

Winnipeg, Canada band KEN mode has announced that they've signed a deal with Profound Lore Records for the release of their next full-length album, titled "Venerable." The effort will be recorded in August with Kurt Ballou (of Converge) at the helm and artwork will be handled by Julie Anne Mann. An early-2011 release is expected.

Meanwhile, the group will tour North America in May and June. Here's the current schedule:

5/20 Fargo, ND @ The Aquarium w/ Wolvhammer
5/21 Minneapolis, MN @ The Nomad w/ Wolvhammer
5/22 Sioux Falls, SD @ New Venue w/ Wolvhammer
5/23 Madison, WI @ The Frequency w/ Wolvhammer
5/24 Chicago, IL @ Ronny's w/ Wolvhammer, Lord Mantis
5/25 Cleveland, OH @ Now That's Class
5/26 Rochester, NY @ TBA w/ Engineer, Sulaco
5/27 Toronto, ON @ Sneaky Dee's w/ Engineer, Buried Inside, Titan
5/28 Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool w/ Engineer, Rosetta
5/29 Philadelphia, PA @ Broad Street Ministries w/ Rosetta, Engineer
5/30 Richmond, VA @ TBA w/ Engineer, Gaza, The Blue Letter
5/31 Greensboro, NC @ Legitimate Business w/ Engineer, Gaza
6/1 Nashville, TN @ The Muse w/ Gaza
6/2 Memphis, TN @ High Tone w/ Gaza
6/3 Columbia, MO @ Cafe Berlin w/ Gaza
6/4 Lawrence, KS @ Jackpot Music Hall w/ Gaza
6/5 TBA w/ Gaza
6/6 Denver, CO @ Blastomat w/ Gaza, Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire
6/7 Salt Lake City, UT @ Burt's Tiki Lounge w/ Gaza, Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire
6/8 Boise, ID @ Red Room w/ Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire
6/9 Portland, OR @ Plan B
6/10 Seattle, WA @ Funhouse w/ Great Falls, Madraso, Hunab Ku
6/11 Vancouver, BC @ Biltmore Cabaret w/ Great Falls, Mudlark
6/12 Calgary, AB @ Palamino w/ Mares of Thrace, Baikal, Cold Craving
6/13 Edmonton, AB @ Allendale Hall w/ Mares of Thrace
6/16 Medicine Hat, AB @ Royal Hotel w/ Mares of Thrace
6/17 Regina, SK @ The Exchange w/ Mares of Thrace
6/18 Saskatoon, SK @ Amigo's w/ Mares of Thrace, Adolyne


4/6/2010 1:21:07 PM
first pfffft

4/6/2010 1:30:13 PM
First... lol @ richrichy getting this before LG.

4/6/2010 1:46:05 PM
Shit name, gays

4/6/2010 1:48:20 PM
Yeah what were you thinking?

4/6/2010 1:49:55 PM
We weren't, we were too busy being teenagers sucking Henry Rollins' c-ck.

4/6/2010 1:52:10 PM
I always thought the KEN was rather homosexual, I thought it had barbie connotations.

4/6/2010 1:55:30 PM
I to, immediately ran to thoughts of Barbie connotations. Is that weird?

4/6/2010 1:56:35 PM
We've also had street fighter and "is that some gay DJ?".

4/6/2010 2:04:48 PM
fcking awesome. i'll be at the Madison WI show for sure.

4/6/2010 2:08:48 PM
will be at 5/27 Toronto, ON @ Sneaky Dee's w/ Engineer, Buried Inside, Titan

4/6/2010 2:09:07 PM
Great band, great music! Come back to Caen, France!

4/6/2010 2:09:07 PM
The best comment I got was from a dude in Paris who notified me that "ken" is a slang term in Paris that refers to BOTH 'fight' and 'fck'. Get in the Van reference aside, I thought that was pretty badass.

4/6/2010 2:11:48 PM
fcking weak, no California.

4/6/2010 2:14:11 PM
See you there, coffinworlds. Good chance anaturaldisaster will be there too.

4/6/2010 2:17:40 PM
withoutashield 4/6/2010 2:11:48 PM fcking weak, no California.

4/6/2010 2:18:54 PM
Choke on dicks, gays you don't deserve to see them.

4/6/2010 2:56:54 PM
5/23 Madison, WI @ The Frequency w/ Wolvhammer

4/6/2010 3:04:17 PM
We're hopefully going to hit California either later this year; if not, for sure when the new record comes out; same goes with Europe.

4/6/2010 3:16:56 PM
yes, will be there 5/31

4/6/2010 3:17:24 PM
You missed off Miami, I know a guy who would kill to see you there.

4/6/2010 3:52:24 PM
I will @ Philly. See my profile pic ego stroke, Jess

4/6/2010 3:59:29 PM
Haha, nice. Lee emailed me that pic you took. Looks preeee sweet.

4/6/2010 4:00:28 PM
6-4 motherfckers!

4/6/2010 5:29:42 PM
will be at 5/27, c-m to get your sucked

4/6/2010 5:32:02 PM
Toronto's going to be one big filthy party.

4/6/2010 8:17:23 PM
Good news. Will be there 6/7 TO fck

4/6/2010 10:29:47 PM
yes yes there is love for you in california!!!

4/6/2010 10:30:32 PM
6/9 will be there

4/6/2010 10:52:29 PM
so stoked you're playing the biltmore.

4/7/2010 10:42:33 AM
5/24 woot!

4/7/2010 12:03:03 PM
Bummed on the lack of a New England date, but this band is comprised of gentlemen and scholars and deserve the finest treatment at all of these locations.

4/7/2010 2:38:37 PM
They are going to Rick Roll at every date.

4/7/2010 2:45:15 PM
6/5 TBA w/ Gaza ... I hope this is an Oklahoma City date? :/

4/8/2010 6:10:13 AM
Pretty much the LG-approved tour of the year. That said, I'll still be there.