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108 singer quits, band breaks up

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 8:32 AM PT

Robert Fish, frontman for seminal hardcore group 108, has announced his departure from the band, which has apparently put an end to the group. Fish has issued the following statement:

"Aside from the practical side of being in a band with members spread throughout different continents I have found myself struggling to find my place within 108 due to the personal evolution I have gone through. I still find myself, at my core, aligned to the spirit of 108 but I am no longer comfortable with what 108 represents to most people and how that aligns to who I am. Over the years I have tried my best to disregard that aspect of being in 108 but I am tired of answering the questions about it and, more importantly, wrestling with how I address it personally without misrepresenting the rest of the band. We are a band with meaning but not a band defined by a meaning. What does that mean exactly?

"Throw out what you think 108's purpose is/was because there was no specific purpose other than to explore who we are and how we relate to the world around us. That was it; plain and simple. In the beginning we all held a common interest in Gaudiya Vaisnavism (i.e. Hare Krsna) but even then it wasn't about being a Hare Krishna rather it was about the personal journey to navigate through all we experience as individuals in a world we can barely understand. People never got that which is understandable as sometimes I think it became blurry to us. When we got back together in 2006 we wanted to focus on who we are today and start redefining how people understood 108. In my eyes it never really happened and it has been a constant source of frustration for me. Here is what I know:

"While I adore the lila of Radha and Krishna and find their love for one another to be very inspirational the fact is I am not a Hare Krishna. I do not believe in God and even the question itself seems unimportant, and at times ridiculous, to me. At one point in my life I needed a sense of something greater to keep myself together and the concept of karma gave me a sense of sanity and hope I needed to stay alive. I have have lost interest in even the questions what to speak of the multitude of answers offered by others. I don't claimed to have 'truth' at my beck and call and to be perfectly honest it has never interested me. I am what I am and who I am and will embrace that which brings me hope and happiness and leave the rest for others to wrestle with and debate over. 108 will always be tied to Hare Krishna and I just don't have the energy to swim against that current anymore.

"108 has been a critical part of my life and helped me navigate many personal traumas and crises. Triv and Vic are two of the most honest, sincere and heartfelt people I have ever had the honor of knowing and creating music with. They are two of my best friends and I hope to always have them as a part of my life. We wrote some songs that will always be at the core of my being and for that I am grateful. Many other people played a role in what 108 was and all that we created and to those people I will always be grateful. It is just time. In my heart I hope that in the near future we have the opportunity to play those songs again, at least one last time, and honor what the band and the songs have meant to us. Only time will tell if that happens. If it does great, if not I will have many amazing memories."

Addressing the situation, 108's Vic Dicara commented: "There will be some sort of reincarnations in various forms I'm sure - probably not very often, if at all, in the form you know as '108.' but the we visited the ER last night and 108 was pronounced dead. Great timing. The guys in this band, Rob, Triv and newly Mike J, they are all UNREAL musicians to create with, and are very sincere friends. I am really very sad about this demise."


3/23/2010 8:34:34 AM
first fcking post. sucks. he'll be back, i hope.

3/23/2010 8:48:34 AM
oh the children

3/23/2010 8:58:55 AM
resurrect Resurrection and give up on 108

3/23/2010 9:20:32 AM
Well that's sad.

3/23/2010 9:30:50 AM
I have have lost interest in even the questions interest in even the questions I have have lost interest in even the questions I have have lost interest in even the questions

3/23/2010 9:49:11 AM
Way to go lambgoat getting news a day after it breaks.

3/23/2010 9:54:57 AM
I am not a hare. He says.

3/23/2010 10:02:23 AM
Put out a new record, break up. This makes total sense. I bet Deathwish is thrilled!

3/23/2010 10:02:34 AM
any info on whether or not the new album will be released?

3/23/2010 10:06:25 AM

3/23/2010 10:08:29 AM
@Godfatherofsoul - i was waiting for a statement

3/23/2010 10:27:07 AM

3/23/2010 10:29:17 AM
deeeez_nutz 3/23/2010 8:58:55 AM resurrect Resurrection and give up on 108--- thats what i'm saying.

3/23/2010 10:32:54 AM
i'm pretty sure they've broken up once before

3/23/2010 10:39:36 AM
too long, no read

3/23/2010 10:48:38 AM
no care/career flip

3/23/2010 10:52:22 AM
love this band, but reading rob's whiny ass statement has somehow cheapened the music

3/23/2010 11:12:03 AM
ha bannon has got to be pissed. band breaks up before he can put out all that shit of theirs he probably just spent a ton of money on

3/23/2010 11:32:04 AM
dude must've realized he was wearing leather pumas at all his shows.

3/23/2010 11:35:50 AM
"108 announce amicable breakup, "18.61" CD/LP (out April 13th) to be last album" from deathwishinc.com

3/23/2010 12:53:57 PM
Crummy news. I can see DW not being too happy about this. Good luck in the future, guys.

3/23/2010 12:54:07 PM
This really puts a dent in the line up for Krishnacore Fest 2010.

3/23/2010 1:46:23 PM
Krishnacore Fest 2010 is canceled!

3/23/2010 2:07:12 PM
time to put some mint 108 vinyl on ebay!

3/23/2010 2:33:56 PM
lambgoat cries.

3/23/2010 2:39:25 PM
Krishnacore is now dead.

3/23/2010 2:54:07 PM
Understandable to feel that way, though I don't really understand the quitting/break up with members spread across the world. Its not like its an active or full-time band.

3/23/2010 2:54:31 PM
Understandable to feel that way, though I don't really understand the quitting/break up with members spread across the world. Its not like its an active or full-time band.

3/23/2010 3:04:46 PM
whennnn 20 summers pass, they go fast....

3/23/2010 5:01:33 PM
that sucks. great band

3/23/2010 5:48:49 PM
fcking sucks. new shit sounds good. would have liked to see live.

3/23/2010 6:06:20 PM
Sad news...

3/23/2010 7:16:31 PM
Most interesting breakup story I've ever read on here. Awesome.

3/23/2010 8:11:02 PM
sad news but... homosexuals are stoked, no more homofobic krishna shit.

3/23/2010 8:17:02 PM
Krishna break

3/23/2010 9:56:27 PM
A true....Deathwish band.

3/23/2010 9:58:17 PM
Krishnastone is no more.

3/24/2010 2:25:10 AM
thank god this band blew so hard

3/24/2010 6:27:02 AM
this sucks, bad news

3/24/2010 9:14:28 AM
Can't say I listened to the newer stuff, but mid 90's there was not much better than 108.

3/24/2010 10:19:45 PM
The daisy I was holding just died.... weird.