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DEP, Darkest Hour, Iwrestledabearonce tour

Wednesday, January 27, 2010 1:18 PM PT

Initial dates have surfaced for Dillinger Escape Plan's upcoming run with Darkest Hour, Iwrestledabearonce, and Animals As Leaders. Here's the latest:

3/11 New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
3/12 Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
3/13 Montreal, QC @ La Sala Rossa Cabaret
3/14 Toronto, ON @ Opera House
3/15 Cleveland Heights, OH @ Grog Shop
3/23 Orlando, FL @ The Social
3/24 Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
3/25 Charlotte, NC @ Tremont Music Hall
3/26 Greensboro, NC @ Greene Street Club
3/28 Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church
3/29 Baltimore, MD @ Otto Bar
3/31 Pittsburgh, PA @ Diesel
4/1 Pontiac, MI @ The Eagle Theatre
4/2 Chicago, IL @ Reggie's Rock Club
4/6 Calgary, AB @ Republik
4/7 Edmonton, AB @ Starlite Room
4/9 Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theatre


1/27/2010 1:22:45 PM
first body slam

1/27/2010 1:23:17 PM
2nd german suplex

1/27/2010 1:27:32 PM
3rd tornado ddt

1/27/2010 1:28:32 PM
WTF.... Darkest Hour with these bands????? Comeeee oonnnnnnnnnnn..... might be in montreal..... just for DH.. fck the other bands

1/27/2010 1:29:02 PM
gay tour gay bands gays are siked

1/27/2010 1:29:23 PM
And i would go with a Piledriver followed by a huuuugeee People Elbow

1/27/2010 1:36:34 PM
go fo iwab maybe, other bands eh. and wtf animals as leaders, where the fck are these bands and names coming from. probably gay fck

1/27/2010 1:36:37 PM
I'd go if it was just DH and AAL.

1/27/2010 1:38:33 PM
Dear above retard: Animals As Leaders is fcking awesome. You are not.

1/27/2010 1:41:04 PM
sorry for other comments, idk Animals as leaders.... but for DEP and the other gaygets, iwdbo... fck them

1/27/2010 1:41:06 PM
I would love to know why Darkest Hour isn't headlining

1/27/2010 1:43:10 PM
what the hell is happening

1/27/2010 1:48:56 PM
CA plzzzzzzz

1/27/2010 1:51:09 PM
I'd go for Tosin of AAL and Krysta of iwabo. But fck the other bands. Thanks for staying the fck out of New Mexico.

1/27/2010 1:51:18 PM
wud show up just for DEP, screw the rest DH has their moments, but the new record flat out blows (not saying the new DEP won't but itd still be a good nostalgia show)

1/27/2010 1:56:00 PM
DEP tours. Awesome.

1/27/2010 1:56:04 PM
This would be a good tour if isuckedadckonce wasn't on it.

1/27/2010 1:59:00 PM
would go if there was a CA date, DEP rules

1/27/2010 1:59:57 PM

1/27/2010 2:00:05 PM
DEP and IWABO will be fun. aal would be more fun if it werent instrumental.

1/27/2010 2:00:19 PM
Don't care

1/27/2010 2:03:23 PM
Poor Darkest Hour....JFC is stoked.

1/27/2010 2:03:33 PM
going 4/2 for AAL and DH. im leaving right after DH's set

1/27/2010 2:04:55 PM
iwabo should be banished to haiti

1/27/2010 2:06:34 PM
Will attend furiously. I don't think Dillinger and Darkest Hour have toured together since their tour with All Else Failed back in '01. Should be sweet!

1/27/2010 2:15:36 PM
animals as leaders is amazing, you stupid fcking retards

1/27/2010 2:20:59 PM
Actually, that was January/February of '02 - my bad.

1/27/2010 2:32:56 PM
Might go see this for DEP and Darkest Hour. Been awhile since I've seen both of them.

1/27/2010 2:35:53 PM
ldr_hater_bjj5858 1/27/2010 2:15:36 PM animals as leaders is amazing, you stupid fcking retards

1/27/2010 2:59:42 PM
iwabo @ the grog shop.

1/27/2010 3:04:08 PM
minus IWABO and this would actually be pretty cool

1/27/2010 3:06:32 PM
you all are fcking retarded this is one of the first decent tours in a long ass time. will be at 3/11

1/27/2010 3:17:28 PM
How the fck did IWABO get on a tour with these decent bands? They are a sorry goddamn excuse for music and should be farted on by tornadoes until death % ensues. Jesus Christ, they suck.

1/27/2010 3:24:04 PM
ill be there. el oh eling at the people that think iwrestled is a decent band.

1/27/2010 3:24:32 PM
3 cool bands and then.....iwabo.

1/27/2010 3:28:29 PM
dep is doing coachella so there might not be any cali dates.

1/27/2010 3:30:24 PM
iwrestledabearonce is the worst band ever

1/27/2010 3:35:09 PM
Bring your calculators gays

1/27/2010 4:04:31 PM
Hottopic books tours now? P.S. AAL is better than your band

1/27/2010 4:05:46 PM
I will drive 600 miles for this tour

1/27/2010 4:13:15 PM
would be awesome if iwrestledabearonce wasnt on it, got that band is horrid, darkest hour isnt headlining because no one likes them anymore, should have broken up awhile ago, good band, just going no where now

1/27/2010 4:30:33 PM
DEP rules but boycotting iwrestledabearonce

1/27/2010 4:37:37 PM
minus those fcking no talent spoiled kids in IWABO this tour is purely amazing, if it comes to NorCal feel free to fight me there

1/27/2010 4:41:36 PM
3/14 will be there.

1/27/2010 5:03:06 PM
Will be at 3/26. Just so i can find that girl, who lost her briefcase.........

1/27/2010 5:27:11 PM
No care for gay tour 2010

1/27/2010 6:14:47 PM
Thanks for staying in New Mexico, meatflip. Your state is shitty and smells worse than the old one.

1/27/2010 6:43:46 PM
gay gay gay, fck fck fck it all! All you losers stay at home and I'm going to go see DEP aka the worlds best live band (thats why they're headlining over Darkest Hour because they crush 99.9% of bands they play with!) More for me!

1/27/2010 6:50:54 PM
ew darkest hour should not be on this.

1/27/2010 6:56:43 PM
well neither should aal

1/27/2010 6:58:59 PM
HOW THE fck can you say that Darkest Hour sucks?!!!! These guys are so fkin good

1/27/2010 7:41:42 PM
i would think darkest hour would headline this, easy

1/27/2010 8:28:32 PM
Words cant express how glad I am that this tour is staying away from here.

1/27/2010 10:49:36 PM
fck IWABO, band needs to follow AGATG and do multi van flipz

1/27/2010 11:02:46 PM
I wonder if anyone from iwabo have seen this.

1/27/2010 11:07:39 PM
shadoe 1/27/2010 11:02:46 PM I wonder if anyone from iwabo have seen this. --- They probably posted this, to see if anyone cares. Regardless, I'll go for Animals and Darkest Hour. Maybe I'll stay for Johnny DEP

1/27/2010 11:26:47 PM
all these bands are gay.

1/28/2010 12:04:21 AM
Of course DEP tours when I already have a busy month. Hate.

1/28/2010 12:33:11 AM
You know music is at a fcking low point when once respected bands drag around a gimmick and an internet band with one person.

1/28/2010 10:14:31 AM
Why the fck isn't Darkest Hour headlining? There the most legit band on this tour. Still will be there on 3/12

1/28/2010 11:26:27 AM
fck iwabo, really

1/28/2010 11:37:57 AM
iwrestledabear once needs to wrestletheirgayselves off of this tour. every other band is AWESOME

1/28/2010 12:43:12 PM
I'm fairly certain I'm not a gay, but I am "Siked" for this.

1/28/2010 12:52:51 PM
move i gotta poop

1/28/2010 1:18:47 PM
Iwrestledmyagentonce to dck over two bands and get on this tour... complete gayS! Vanflip x10

1/28/2010 2:40:21 PM
DEP could do better than this

1/28/2010 5:33:36 PM
holy fcking bad tours

1/29/2010 12:30:56 AM
DEP avoids utah :( also IWABO>Darkest Hour

1/29/2010 12:46:40 AM
ok that last comment was just wrong! I don't even like Darkest Hour that much but you are WRONG!! iwabo is myspace core.

1/29/2010 3:46:26 AM
boo this tour.

1/29/2010 7:43:39 AM
hunt_fish_with_dynamite....agreeing on the gimmicky iwabo, but aal isnt one man live

1/29/2010 2:50:38 PM
Animals as Weiners is good. When I saw them Tosin wore this suit and vest, and no one knew what to do.

1/29/2010 6:58:38 PM
Animals as Leaders is the boringest shit ever! If you have a job tho...I suppose it's okay to like them. But fck if they aren't the most boring shit I've ever heard.

1/30/2010 12:15:00 AM
Emmure should be on this.......it's true it's damn true

1/30/2010 11:59:05 PM
this tour should have been a full U.S. tour. fcking gay.