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Black Tusk recording Relapse debut

Tuesday, January 12, 2010 9:10 AM PT

Savannah, Georgia's Black Tusk entered the studio this week to begin work on their Relapse Records debut and follow-up to "Passage Through Purgatory."

Tracking is taking place at the Jam Room Recording Studio (Baroness, Kylesa) in Columbia, SC with engineers Jay Matheson and Steve Slavich. The album's tentative title is "Taste The Sin" and advance song titles include "Unleash The Wrath," "Double Clutchin, Part 1," "Redline, Part 2," "The Take Off, Part 3," and "The Ride, Part 4." Additional album details will be made available shortly.


1/12/2010 9:20:42 AM
first post band sucks

1/12/2010 9:22:33 AM
Shit band, enough. of these bands.

1/12/2010 9:33:55 AM
this is relevant to my life

1/12/2010 9:42:28 AM
I would not say this is a shit band, but I would say this genre has become a bit over saturated.

1/12/2010 9:51:31 AM
Never heard, no interest in doing so.

1/12/2010 10:20:21 AM
Tired of this shit

1/12/2010 10:30:01 AM
enough of these.

1/12/2010 12:08:27 PM
"How gay,part 5"

1/12/2010 12:30:12 PM
most pretentious album of 2010

1/12/2010 1:01:39 PM
I actually really like this band.

1/12/2010 1:36:33 PM
so sick of baroness, shitty bands like this...isn't it time for the scenesters to move onto the next "big thing". shitty stoner riffs and gays from GA *yawn*

1/12/2010 1:44:15 PM
Man I am STOKED.

1/12/2010 4:32:43 PM
This band was horrible at sxsw last year! I can't believe they are getting even bigger???? hopefully they hire a studio drummer

1/12/2010 4:52:04 PM
This place cracks me up sometimes... gee, would you rather have more bands like this coming out or more shit like We Came As Romans or Chelsea Grin (or anything on Rise for that matter)?

1/12/2010 4:53:30 PM
WHO????????????? Dont Care

1/12/2010 11:09:30 PM
uhh who da fck is this?