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Artery Recordings signs A Bullet For Pretty Boy

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 2:08 PM PT

New Razor & Tie imprint Artery Recordings has now added Texas outfit A Bullet For Pretty Boy to their roster. According to the group, "This is a brand new label but has amazing management and they really know how to treat artists." The band is currently recording their debut, which will hit streets in 2010. Those unfamiliar with the group can check them out here.


12/16/2009 2:10:27 PM
first post, shit news

12/16/2009 2:13:59 PM

12/16/2009 2:14:39 PM
ok seriously. someone needs to tell bring me the horizon to get on birthcontol and stop getting knocked up by the devil wears prada.

12/16/2009 2:17:16 PM
There are too many terrible bands in this world. Please quit signing them.

12/16/2009 2:18:15 PM
poster child for discrediting the phrase "you can't judge a book by its cover"

12/16/2009 2:19:31 PM
i am just going to stop clicking on the links from here on out. ya, i think that will be for the best.

12/16/2009 2:22:35 PM
In other news: Artery Recordings goes bust in under a month!

12/16/2009 2:25:17 PM
bust a nut

12/16/2009 2:26:16 PM
Ahh sounds like something shitty underoath would do screw this shit.

12/16/2009 2:39:07 PM
* chases a butterfree* *does a small poop*

12/16/2009 2:47:02 PM
I've lost all faith in humanity.

12/16/2009 2:57:12 PM
impending doom is stoked

12/16/2009 3:20:20 PM
second day as a label, and they're even shittier then summerian

12/16/2009 3:21:53 PM
i used to book for this band! :D

12/16/2009 3:32:48 PM
So_Essential is a gay. Can't book for shit, and cries when he doesn't get his way.

12/16/2009 3:47:57 PM
Hey Artery! Get fcked you gays. Nice signing...almost as gay as your first signings. You guys are fcked. Die.

12/16/2009 3:50:02 PM
this gay shit has to stop

12/16/2009 4:07:52 PM
'a bullet for pretty boy'

12/16/2009 4:11:09 PM
looks like artery recordings is the bastard son of rise now

12/16/2009 4:28:11 PM
abortion survivors for sure

12/16/2009 4:54:10 PM
Gayest fcking band name since a case of the mondays

12/16/2009 6:01:39 PM
gay BAND, gay LABEL, gay FANS

12/16/2009 6:37:23 PM
WORST BAND NAME SINCE BODIES IN THE GEARS OF THE APPARATUS your wrong... i def think that Baby Shambles is a worse name

12/16/2009 7:13:05 PM
*blank post*

12/16/2009 8:08:17 PM
'A Mullet For Pretty Boy'

12/16/2009 8:36:36 PM
Milk Milford, you have awful taste.

12/16/2009 9:32:27 PM
looks like my name is earl rejects decided to make a band

12/17/2009 1:43:21 AM
lol @ khann. band was amazing, good work. any band with bullet in their name should in turn, be shot.

12/17/2009 5:19:40 AM
fck this band. Bodies in the Gears of the Apparatus needs to make a comeback. "We're in the middle of a machine, designed by the devil and powered by the dead" "RAHHHHHHHH!"

12/17/2009 2:41:02 PM
Possibly a reference to Pretty Boy Floyd (who was shot). *researches*

12/17/2009 2:59:22 PM
Cool band name, dudes.

12/17/2009 6:15:19 PM
Is Artery going to turn into the new gay?

12/17/2009 8:49:54 PM
they should just stick to band management.

12/18/2009 2:56:12 AM

12/18/2009 8:29:15 AM
attack attack fans are stoked

12/18/2009 10:32:21 AM
we have big things planned for these boys!!!

12/18/2009 2:21:25 PM
Skies of December is stoked.

12/19/2009 7:32:41 AM
worse band name? not anything worse than Dropping a Popped Locket. seriously.

12/19/2009 8:18:48 PM
we should all just chip in and start a record label. im so sick of this.

12/20/2009 2:26:24 PM
how can a company that manages so many bands that make money not know any better? All the bands these idiots have signed will never make any profit EVER

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